Robert Stern called in to to end competition deadlock at Oxford University

Oxford University’s expansion is stalled by style wars Robert Stern from Yale University has been parachuted into the midst of a prestigious competition for Oxford University because of  a “deadlock” over whether to chose a modern or classical architect. The original shortlist for the £30 million Institute of Public Policy Continue Reading

New Olympic Stadium Construction Jobs to be created in London

Structural engineering jobs are helping the construction of London’s Olympic Stadium to progress. The latest phase which began exactly one year ago, involves the internal fit-out of hundreds of rooms at the stadium. 700 rooms are being created in the area below the venue’s podium, which includes eight changing rooms Continue Reading

Most Construction Companies resistant to e-tendering

Around three-quarters of construction companies still post or email tenders to their clients, despite the fact that e-tendering can reduce their costs and streamline the overall tendering process, according to a report by the building cost information service of the RICS. The BCIS e-tendering survey report released today showed the Continue Reading

Trade Credit Scheme Doesn’t Deal With the Problem

The Government’s trade credit insurance “top up” scheme has been criticised for failing to get to the crux of the problem. Chancellor Alistair Darling announced the measure – aimed at supporting firms that have had their cover slashed – in last week’s Budget. From May 2009 until the end of Continue Reading