Building sites will be allowed to stay open late and at weekends under law change to help construction industry catch up, government source says

Building sites will be permitted to remain open late and during weekends in a proposed move by ministers to assist firms with returning to work and abstain from compounding problems unleashed by the coronavirus flare-up on the economy. A proposed temporary override of measures that regularly disallow building work being Continue Reading

Italian construction industry calls for re-start

Eight building and construction bodies in Italy have appealed for construction activity in the country to be restarted. The organisations, including ANCE, which represents the interests of 20,000 contractors and building companies, made a joint appeal to government to immediately adopt measures to restart construction and to ensure the survival Continue Reading

Reasons Why Managed Travel is a Must for Construction

During the trip that we will make through the following paragraphs we will visit the destinations chosen by construction companies for managed travel, the origin and the reasons that drove their internationalization, the difficulties and the results obtained. These companies manage projects in a comprehensive way -including design, execution, financing, Continue Reading