‘Don’t make the same mistakes as BIM’ – new guide to digital twins calls for simpler approach

A new guide to digital twins in construction and infrastructure is showing the industry how to make the most of the technology while avoiding the pitfalls that originally beset the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Published by 3D Repo, specialists in cloud-based BIM and digital twins, the free guide looks Continue Reading

Health and Safety in the Warehouse

It is essential business owners prioritise the health and safety of their workforce. Whatever the industry, employers have a duty of care to their employees. This is especially the case in work environments like warehouses which pose a greater risk to the health of the employees. Here, there are risks workers need be aware of and protective Continue Reading

An In-Depth Guide to Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings require regular roof maintenance which can be complicated. This is because they are not the same as residential buildings. Hence, the challenges that owners of those buildings face are quite different from those of residential owners. What’s Commercial Roofing? It is an industry term that covers management, installation, Continue Reading