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DIY roof replacement vs professional roofing replacement

Have you reached the conclusion that your roof needs to be replaced? Perhaps you have settled on this as a result of a roofing firm having checked your roof and provided their own professional opinion. However, should you replace the roof yourself or leave that task with a professional? Though anyone can – in theory – replace a roof if they have the right supplies and guidance, the case for going down the DIY route is not quite as clear-cut as this situation might suggest. Is a DIY roof replacement even an option? To your surprise or not, the answer is yes, with DoItYourself.com explaining that you wouldn’t need any special skills to carry out a roof replacement. You would, however, need “proper tools, materials and guidance”, the site adds. At one point, any roof will need repairing or wholly replacing. For a new roof, you can choose from various materials – including rubber, EPDM, GRP and slate. However, DIY roof replacement isn’t always recommended just because it is theoretically possible. Replacing a roof is not for the faint-hearted There’s no sugar-coating the fact that roofing is difficult. While on that roof, you wouldn’t be shielded from the weather – and, even on a relatively mild and clear day, you could run another risk: that of fearing heights! Quite simply, you can’t afford to fear them when doing roofing work. It would also be necessary that you are pretty fit, but The Family Handyman has put together a guide aimed at helping you to test whether you really have what it takes to replace your own roof. Check whether you pass the tests – yes, the plural Before you commit to doing any DIY roofing work, use a ladder to ascend to your roof and try walking around it. If you struggle to do this comfortably, treat this as a clear sign that you should hire a professional. You probably won’t have difficulty in finding a local firm that can assist you. If your home is in North East England, for example, you could turn to Findley Roofing & Building, the coverage area of which encompasses this region in its entirety. The company also offers a range of finance options, making it easier for you to source a Teesside, County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear or Newcastle roofing finance package that is sufficiently flexible for your needs. A friendly and helpful member of Findley staff is on the other end of a phone on 0191 417 3422, but what if you can actually comfortably walk on your own roof? In that case, fetch some shingles and carry them on your shoulder while climbing the ladder again. Could you imagine repeatedly going through that process in the effort to build a new roof? If the prospect doesn’t daunt you, then a DIY roofing replacement might be practically possible, but please follow insurance giant AXA’s advice on how to use proper safety equipment when on a roof. Lack confidence? Get a professional roofer to do the work.