PFAS Fire Fighting Foam & Emergency Gear You Need In Case of Fire

Have you ever asked yourself about ways how to extinguish fire aside from what we know carbon dioxide or water? You are probably familiar with the fire suppression systems, but there is another solution to put off the fire. Do you ever wonder what else firefighters use for it? You will learn more about it here. 

Before we go about it, what are the safety measures you must remember when you are in a situation where there is fire? First, you have to keep yourself safe by looking for a secured place away from it. Second, call 911 for an emergency. Third, check if there is a missing person in your family or colleagues. Lastly, inform your family or your company that you are safe.

There are so many things that could happen in a day. Getting caught in the fire is one thing that you should prevent from happening. Keep in mind that you have to remain calm to think better in this kind of situation. Also, you should use only the proper gear to help you out. 

Concerning fire prevention, this article will present to you what PFAS fire fighting foam is and other emergency tools that you can use in case of fire. It is always best that you have all that you need. Click here to know more about it. 

What does PFAS mean?

It stands for perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances that are known to be synthetic chemicals. You can use this for clothing, food packaging, or fire fighting foams. It has been around since the 1950s. It is known to be resistant to heat, oil, and water. It stays in the environment permanently once released. It is the reason why it is called the “forever chemicals.”

Effects of PFAS to People and in the Community

Today, more people are questioning the quality and safety of it to them and the environment. PFAS does not easily break when exposed to the environment, which makes it a little controversial for people to use.

A report stated that PFAS is in water used for drinking, which causes an alarm to a lot of people. Also, it is in human blood. Therefore, it affects many people and way of living because of its characteristic that it could stay permanently in land and water. 

Some countries are already using PFAS free fire fighting foam. They banned the use of PFAS in their places because of its harmful effects. It enters the human body, and evidence is in the blood. Visit this link

for more information.

What is the PFAS Fire Fighting Foam?

It is used by companies aside from the usual suppression systems like gas and water. You might know water sprinklers use in office buildings. This one works the same way. However, this one is like foam. It differs in appearance but the same purpose. 

Well, firefighters and other rescue agencies use PFAS as a fire fighting foam. However, different countries are switching to a PFAS free fire fighting foam when they discovered it could severely affect people. An example of this is that it stays in a human’s body for a long time.

It is why private companies design a PFAS foam system, where they help in modifying the substances. Here, you will have an idea of how to shift into something safer than the traditional PFAS. 

What other emergency tools that you can use in case of fire?

Everyone does not have any idea when disasters or accidents will happen to us. But what is essential is that you prepare emotionally and physically. There are emergency tools that you can just in case you are in the situation. See the list below.

  1. Signal Flare

You are in trouble, and you will need this to get the rescuers’ attention. It also sends the other person your location, which makes it easier for them to find you. Its light will surely save you from your situation. 

  • Flashlight

You will need this just in case the power shut down. It will help you find your way out of the room or area. It enables you to move quickly and fearlessly. You have to make sure that you have batteries with you. 

  • Wrench

Turn off your water or your gas using this tool. It saves you and your family from any possible danger inside the house. Keep the situation under control. Do preventive measures as much as possible. 

  • Fire Extinguisher

Find one and secure it in your place. But make sure that you know how to use it just in case you will need it if you do not know how to ask people who are with you to operate this one. You must never waste time finding solutions to save lives. 

  • Multi-tool

It will equip you to do a lot of things if you are stuck in the situation, especially if you are in a remote area. The multi-tool includes scissors, pliers, knives, wire cutters, bottle opener, screwdriver, metal file, and package opener. You can choose from many options which type of multi-tool you are going to get. It is one of the many tools that will help you survive.

Always prioritize your safety more than anything else, whether you are in a life-threatening situation. Saving yourself is the best solution to do when these circumstances arise. 

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