What are the Benefits of Rendering Your House?

The housing market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years – but despite the considerable increase in house prices, the number of first-time buyers had doubled in 2021. Many of these new homeowners are experiencing the responsibilities of looking after a property for the first time, and with many properties build before the 1970s, upkeep of the exterior is a crucial aspect of caretaking. Rendering is one of the better options for home exteriors, for a number of reasons – some of which can be discovered below.

External Protection

The foremost benefit to rendering your home is in the weatherproofing properties it provides to your exterior. Choosing the right render for your specific property needs is vital, however. Traditional renders, comprising a mix of sand, lime and water, offer a long-lasting coating but not a completely waterproof one. Modern render mixes are better suited for water protection; acrylic renders are a versatile solution with some waterproofing properties, while silicon renders are ‘hydrophobic’ – meaning they repel water molecules. This has the added advantage of ingrained dirt being far easier to clean off.

Improve Appearance

Speaking of cleaning, rendering can also markedly improve the aesthetic of your home. There might be a number of reasons to opt for rendering over leaving your brickwork bare: the brickwork might be a little uneven; repairs to the brickwork might have left an undesirable finish; your existing exterior, whether pebble-dash or stone cladding, might have fallen out of favour. Whichever the reason, render is a swift and elegant solution with versatile applications.

Blend the New with the Old

One of the bigger aesthetic reasons render might make sense to employ can be found in the completion of extensive renovations or extensions. Newer brickwork can look jarring set against the existing brickwork of the far older house, making for a confused finish. Rendering all of your exterior walls can bring a sense of cohesion to your property, by assimilating the older property with the newer-build renovations.

No Paint Needed

Lastly, some render mixes – especially acrylic mixes – can be coloured before they are applied to the wall. This removes the need for painting at any point in the process, and also for the foreseeable future. During the lifespan of the render, the colour can resist UV-related fading for a significant period of time. No more peeling paint, no more expensive house paint purchases and no more extensive re-coats – you can simply choose your preferred colour and be done with it.

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