Concrete Pumping: The Most Cost Effective Solution in 2022 and Beyond

In the world of rising costs, and delayed deliveries, the construction industry has not been excused either. Statistics show that there was a 51.5 % increase in concrete reinforcing bars in the past year, and other building materials were no stranger to the spike either.

In this short guide, you will find out exactly what you can do to reduce the cost of your building works, and why concrete pumping is the best solution for your project.

Why is Concrete Pumping The Best Method for Building Foundations?

The quickest way to lay foundations:

Concrete pumping is an extremely quick way to transport fresh concrete to build your foundations. Whether your project is big or small, efficiency and utilising time to the maximum is always key. Due to the high capacity at which our machinery at South Wales Concrete Pumping performs, your project will be set off to a flying start.

Deliver concrete to restricted areas with ease:

Some sites are without a doubt trickier than others, and at times, a shovel and a wheelbarrow just won’t cut it. Whatever challenging environment you are facing, concrete pumping is a fantastic solution. Thanks to our up to date equipment, we can reach over any fixed objects and deliver concrete to the most restricted areas with our ground pumps and boom pumps.

Minimise labour costs:

Labour costs can be a headache when reflecting on the budget for your project. By minimising the labour costs and replacing them with the fee of one of our concrete trucks, you can cut the costs of labour whilst getting the job done in a fraction of the time. There won’t be the time constraints of waiting for workers to lay and smooth the cement whilst other colleagues deliver the product. With our concrete laying services, depending on the size of the surface, South Wales Concrete pumping can get the job done within an hour.

Will The Cost Of  Building Materials Continue to Rise Past 2022?

Post pandemic, the supply chain has not recovered yet from the strong demand, and we cannot see it changing in the near future either. The imports of construction materials have increased by £532 million in just Q3 of 2021, putting strain on not only the storage solutions available in the UK. Although the demand is increasing, sourcing these materials is becoming more and more difficult as the whole world is rebuilding  their economy.  As the energy prices are taking an extreme increase on top of it all, the cost of building materials will very likely rise in the future.

Why is Concrete Such a Popular Choice for Building Material?

It is widely stated that concrete is one of the safest materials for your building works, as it doesn’t require fireproofing in order to ensure that your building is safe and meets the UK’s fire guidelines. It is also at least 2x as long lasting as any of the alternative products such as plastic, brick or wood, making it a no-brainer when it comes to choosing the most efficient building material for your project. For an added bonus, concrete actually gains strength over time due to the hydration of the cement. With the correct moisture and temperature which we certainly have in the UK, you can rely on this excellent building material for centuries.

Concrete pumping will continue to be the most cost effective way to take your construction  plan to the next level, both from a speed, convenience and cost effective point of view. Whether your next project is located in South Wales, South West or beyond, The team at South Wales Concrete Pumping will be able to carry out any job with the most efficiency and for a truly budget friendly price.

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