Exterior Home Repairs: A Professional’s Guide including how to clean your gutter without a ladder

Many exterior home issues may not necessitate the services of a professional. We’ll show you how to do all of these maintenance and repair chores yourself.

Replace a Missing or Damaged Shingle

Asphalt shingles can endure years of damage from wind, rain, sleet, and snow, but when struck by a falling tree limb or branch, they can rip like cardboard. It only takes around 10 minutes to replace the shingle; just be careful not to damage any other shingles. In warmer weather, stay off the roof since shingles peel easily and walking on them might strip the coating.

Vent Flashing Replacement

Leaks can occur at two points on all-metal plumbing vents: first, where the flashing hits the roof, and second, where the vent pipe joins the flashing. When the latter occurs, caulking and other similar repairs will only provide a temporary solution. You’ll need to replace the flashing with a rubber-sleeved version or a two-piece telescoping type. Here’s how to change out your vent flashing.

Repairing a Patchy Lawn

It doesn’t have to be a constant battle to maintain green grass. You also don’t have to pay a fortune for a lawn service to spray your lawn with chemicals. Knowing what to offer your lawn and when to give it results in a lawn full of healthy, green grass. Get your lawn in shape for summer by following this expert advice.

Window Replacement

Obviously, broken glass cannot be glued back together. DIY solutions exist for windows that get stuck, allow in draughts, or have moisture issues. Old windows, double-hung windows, window glass glazing, and screens should all be repaired. You can also learn how to avoid and remove window condensation and stop window draughts. You can even replace your windows if you wish to take on a bigger project!

Gutter Cleaning Made Simple

Cleaning dirt from gutters with an old plastic spatula is a breeze! It doesn’t scrape the gutter and may be trimmed with tin snips to fit gutter shapes. The spatula wipes clean as well, making cleanup a pleasure. A question you might have is how to clean your gutter without a ladder? This can be troublesome as you might need specific equipment for the job, to combat this click here for a trade professional to come out and survey your gutters.

Valley Joint Sealing

In other cases, complete flashing can nevertheless allow water to pass through; this is especially common when the valley flashing lacks a high fin or ridge in the centre to assist prevent fast-moving water from sloshing. The shingles can curl up at the edge and eventually create a space that water can readily permeate if the roofer didn’t cement the junction — and many don’t.

Lift the shingle from the bottom edge and apply a thick, continuous bead of roofing cement along the flashing. Seat the shingles by pressing them down.

Install fresh weatherstripping

Air can escape if light can be seen seeping beneath outside doors. Go to town with a few packages of self-adhesive, rubber-foam weatherstripping, sealing any and all doors that lead outside. Have you installed weatherstripping but are still paying a high gas bill? It’s possible that the strips installed by the previous owners need to be replaced. Check out this helpful guide about weather stripping installation.

Replace a Rain Gutter End Cap if necessary.

Silicone sealants are a long-lasting solution for those pesky gutter leaks. Silicone works as an adhesive and a sealant to hold the end cap in place and prevent leaks and drips. Caulking and riveting procedures are used to secure the end caps. Everything you need may be found in well-stocked home centres and hardware stores. Check out these simple gutter repairs.

Fix Metal Gutter Seams That Have Leaked

Water must stay in the gutter channel to reach the downspouts and drain properly. Water drips right next to the foundation when couplings or other fittings leak. The leak can be stopped with a simple fix. Again this creates the problem of how to clean your gutter without a ladder.

In most circumstances, a new bead of gutter sealant and new pop rivets that are the same size as the previous ones can be applied between the adjoining surfaces. Check the diameter and depth range to ensure that they will fit the old holes and tighten the junction.

Get Rid of Weeds in Your Grass

Maintain healthy grass, use a minimum of weed killers, and use smart timing to eliminate weeds in your lawn and prevent their recurrence. We’ll show you six ways to make weed control easier and less time-consuming. How to get rid of weeds in your backyard grass.

A Thinning Lawn Can Be Revived

Use only one or two tools to revitalise your lawn throughout the weekend. An aerator allows the soil to breathe, while a motorised rake prepares it for seeding.

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