Discover the Latest News on the Government’s Apologies for Grenfell Tower, Contractor Engagement Event, Plastic Recycling Park, and UK Housing Building

In this post, we look at the government’s apology for the “disturbance” that the ongoing construction at Grenfell Tower has caused to the neighborhood’s residents. We will also talk about how a contractor engagement event held in Oldham helped local small companies secure substantial development contracts, as well as other pertinent information. Approval has been granted for what will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom: a park dedicated to recycling plastic. Despite record prices, the number of new homes being built in the UK is decreasing, and the prognosis is not looking good.

Government issues an apology for disturbances at Grenfell Tower

Original Source: Government apologises for disturbance at Grenfell Tower

The administration apologised for “disturbance” caused by Grenfell Tower construction.

Matt Hogan, a DLUHC civil worker, claimed work was done beyond usual hours twice in the previous month.

Deconstruct UK replaced Wates as Grenfell Tower’s main contractor last year.

It monitors the building 24/7, removes heavy and damaged goods including asbestos, and instals weight-bearing props.

Hogan told homeowners in a monthly report that UK Power Networks vehicles tried to work outside the 8am to 6pm hours twice. They couldn’t enter. We apologise for disturbing neighbours.

When the daily average noise level reaches 70 decibels, contractors are warned so we may take action. Noise levels average 60dB […] On 24 May, UK Power Networks’ works surpassed 70dB, therefore we contacted them to lower them.

Gary Walsh, project manager for Deconstruct UK, informed locals at the meeting that the first phase of steel-propping work was completed in May and the second phase would be finished in September.

The tower’s asbestos has been removed, and background monitoring continues.

Michael Gove wrote to locals last year stating he wanted further talks before deciding the tower’s destiny.

The government stated in February that a new monitoring contract for Grenfell Tower was unrelated to its future.

Since the June 2017 fire at the west London tower, work has been done to make it safe.

UK Power Networks and Deconstruct UK were asked for comment.

Contractor engagement event helps Oldham’s small companies obtain employment on large development projects

Original Source: Building success: Contractor engagement event helps Oldham’s small businesses secure work on major construction projects

Over 135 Oldham companies joined large contractors working on regeneration and development projects to investigate job opportunities.

SMEs, solo traders, and sub-contractors from a broad variety of trades and services attended the event.

They were able to meet more than 20 contractors in person, ask questions, and learn about building prospects today and in the future.

They include Kier, which is expanding North Chadderton School, and Vinci Construction UK and Sir Robert McAlpine, which are expanding Royal Oldham Hospital.

Oldham Council Leader Amanda Chadderton stated, “Regenerating and growing Oldham is about creating possibilities for local companies, employment, and the broader community.”

“This event brought people together, helped them understand how to benefit and gain employment on these programmes, and demonstrated what amazing companies and bright individuals we have in Oldham.”

“Thanks to Procure Partnerships Framework, we look forward to organising additional events as developments and redevelopment initiatives continue.”

Procure Partnerships event Lizz Lee, Social Value Manager at Procure Partnerships Framework, stated, “We received a tremendously good reaction and are delighted to have helped companies acquire fantastic job prospects.”

“The event highlighted the relevance of social value in building and infrastructure projects.” On the day, we had several great local charities and third-sector organisations that we hope will benefit.

For added social value, the event utilised local companies and organisations as much as possible, contributing about £3,000 back into the local economy. It was hosted at Mahdlo, which catered, and photos were shot by Marie Whitehead. Chadderton’s Sign-UK took and printed photos.

Oldham Council, in partnership with Procure Partnerships Framework, created the ‘North West Contractor Framework’ to facilitate the award and delivery of construction and infrastructure works ranging from £50,000 to multi-million pound projects with no upper value limit for the council’s and other North West public sector bodies’ needs.

28 businesses have been selected to the framework, which went live on 1 April and will award up to £1.8bn in works throughout its four-year lifespan.

The UK’s first plastic recycling park is approved

Original Source: Green light for UK’s first plastic recycling park

The £165m park will be established at Protos and expands beyond previously approved plans for a plastic-to-hydrogen facility.

Peel’s key energy and resource centre at Ellesmere Port will feature innovative processing and treatment technologies to make the most of up to 367,500 tonnes of mixed recyclables and plastic per year.

Key amenities

A Items Recycling Facility separates dry recyclable materials (such as glass, paper, cans, and card) into multiple waste streams for recycling.

Plastic from the MRF and mixed plastics divided into several categories. The separated plastic will go to PRF2 or the PET recycling facility at Protos.

Plastics Recycling Facility Two (PRF2): pre-sorted plastic from PRF1 will be cleaned and flaked for reuse.

Polymer Laminate Recycling Facility: Plastic (such as crisp packets and baby food pouches) will be heated and broken down into an oil for reuse in creating new items with the aluminium recovered for recycling.

Hydrogen refuelling station: hydrogen from the permitted plastic-to-hydrogen plant utilised to give up to 1000kg of hydrogen per day to cars, enough to fuel 20 HGVs from outside Protos and a comparable number of internal HGV movements supporting Protos activities.

Peel NRE aims to collaborate with prospective operators to start construction.

Richard Barker, development director at Peel NRE, part of Peel L&P, stated, “It’s excellent to gain unanimous endorsement for the Plastic Park – a UK first that will reinforce the circular economy in the North West.”

“We must find imaginative solutions to the UK’s plastic crisis. This project clusters recycling technology in one spot so we can make the most of plastic materials coming on site, minimising the need to send them to multiple facilities throughout the region.

Despite record prices, UK house building slows as outlook dims

Original Source: UK House Building Slows Despite Record Prices as Outlook Dims

A study of purchasing managers found that Britain’s building sector is preparing for weaker growth and greater inflation, limiting demand for new houses.

S&P Global Market Intelligence reported construction production declined to 52.6 from 56.4 in May. Economists had predicted 55.

“The bleak UK business environment and decreasing consumer demand owing to the cost of living problem” slowed construction expansion, said S&P Global’s Tim Moore. Housebuilding grew faster than the rest of the construction industry during the epidemic, but is presently the worst-performing broad category.

Concern over the economy lowered companies’ future expectations to their lowest level since July 2020, when the UK was in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak.

Work on residential developments declined for the first time since then, despite rising home prices. This shows housebuilders are becoming cautious and foresee a market slump later this year.

Analysts think increasing borrowing rates and the sharpest strain on household earnings in two decades will slow housing values. Builders are also suffering from increased raw material and labour prices, which eat into project profits.

New order growth and company activity estimates declined again in June, indicating inflation fears, higher interest rates, and less favourable domestic economic circumstances, Moore added. Overall construction confidence is at its lowest since July 2020.

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we look at how the government has expressed regret for the “disturbance” that the development of Grenfell Tower has created. The tower’s asbestos has been removed, and background monitoring continues. An event for contractor engagement helps Oldham’s smaller businesses get work on larger development projects, thanks to Procure Partnership Framework. They take great pleasure in assisting businesses in developing promising employment opportunities. In addition to expanding beyond the scope of previously authorized plans for a plastic-to-hydrogen factory, the first plastic recycling park in the United Kingdom has been granted approval and will be built at Protos. The number of homes being built in the United Kingdom is decreasing, despite the fact that prices are at record highs.

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