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Learn About the Latest News on MDA’s Plans for UK Expansion, Ukraine’s Healthcare System Rebuilding, Leed, and Rishi Sunak’s Plans to Fix the UK’s Problems

You will learn more about the MDA, which is based in Canada and believes that there is a significant possibility to build its worldwide space business from the United Kingdom, where it intends to treble its staff to a total of 80 personnel over the next year. Meanwhile, the plan to restore Ukraine’s healthcare system will be carried out, with the United Kingdom’s intention to participate, in the coming months. Also, it wasn’t until 1993 that the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system was first made available to project owners and designers, despite the fact that the term “sustainable development” dates back to the 1970s. It was virtually the only certification programme that addressed sustainability in all of its guises for a number of years, making it an industry leader. And according to the Indian British candidate, the United Kingdom is facing a number of crises, including escalating levels of inflation and the cost of energy. Rishi Sunak stated that he would prefer to fail than to win by making false promises during an appearance on the programme Our Next Prime Minister, which airs on BBC One.

MDA plans UK expansion

Original Source: Canada’s MDA eyes UK expansion

The company had relocated to a larger, more specialized location in Harwell, England, according to Anita Bernie, MDA’s U.K. managing director.

Bernie remarked, “The facility has cleanrooms and a development lab.”

Post-Brexit, the U.K. wants a larger share of the global space sector. The UK’s plan to become a significant space power includes investments in developing technology and reducing licensing regulations.

Canada, which launched its first satellite in 1962, wants to boost its space sector.

Bernie claimed the UK and Canada are “working closer than ever.”

In October, the countries’ space agencies inked an MoU to boost connections between their governments, space firms, and academic institutions.

“MDA is a terrific illustration” of the U.K.-Canada cooperation, said Bernie, and “provides various chances to collaborate more closely.”

MDA developed the robotic Canadarm utilised on the International Space Station, but its services also include space operations, geo-intelligence, and satellite systems.

MDA’s U.K. subsidiary teamed with debris removal startup Astroscale to examine a UK Space Agency-funded mission to remove two satellites by 2025.

Bernie said MDA locations in Canada and the UK contributed to the Columbus Ka-band antenna last year. She added the ColKa antenna, which communicates with European Data Relay System satellites, is operational and increases Columbus module bandwidth.

“We’re participating in flagship missions to return to the lunar surface, do in-orbit servicing, and provide communications for ISS astronauts,” she said.

Lockheed Martin claimed it wanted to set up a satellite manufacturing site in the UK to develop its space business.

The aerospace and defence company is considering a complex that could construct satellites, their parts, or ground networks and include an R&D centre.

UK will assist Ukraine rebuild healthcare

Original Source: United Kingdom to help Ukraine restore healthcare system

“The UK has provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the beginning and plans to help restore the healthcare system,” stated Deputy Health Minister Oleksiy Yaremenko, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to him, the domestic healthcare system has survived more than five months of war thanks to outside aid.

“Now we’re strengthening our cooperation around post-war healthcare sector reconstruction and involving international partners,” Yaremenko said.

During Russia’s full-scale invasion, Britain provided 60 ambulances, tens of tonnes of medicine, and medical equipment.

British professionals are also willing to share their experience in rehabilitation with Ukrainian colleagues.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal unveiled the Ukraine Recovery Plan on July 4 in Lugano, Switzerland.

The repair of damaged infrastructure might cost $17.4 billion.

Are LEED’s greatest days over?

Original Source: Climate and Construction: Are LEED’s best days behind it?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are LEED designations. Six “sustainable” traits earn points. A higher certification level equals more points. It’s a widely-accepted prescriptive technique.

The world is changing. Today’s building business must go beyond sustainability. Priorities include operational, embodied, and energy efficiency. LEED is playing catch-up.

Carnegie Mellon University concluded LEED had little influence on energy use in federally owned buildings between 1990 and 2019. If energy efficiency is the goal, LEED certification may not be the best way to get there.

According to the report, energy is barely 30% of one of LEED’s six criteria. Since five of LEED’s other six qualities don’t connect directly to energy use, a project might earn a high rating without reducing energy use.

Sustainability achievement requirements are sought by occupiers, investors, and municipal officials seeking climate-related labels. Labels and certifications become more significant as the building industry prioritises ESG compliance. LEED has been the leader for years.

Logan Nagel compares LEED to 13 other green or sustainability certifications in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Many seek credentials for commercial reasons, he admits.

Along with pricing and value, marketing is a major selling point for most certifications. Certifications have significance beyond their operating and value impacts.

Despite fees and soft expenses estimated at $150,000 per project, increasing rents and property prices may justify LEED’s cost. Nagel writes, “All else being equal, a certified property is more attractive.”

It can be difficult to compare the benefits of a building certification standard to the needs of owners and occupants. Without independent verification of sustainability and energy efficiency claims, each standard’s worth may be doubtful.

This compares prescriptive and performance-based standards’ efficacy. Despite four editions, growth into specific project certifications, and several certification levels, LEED has always been a prescriptive standard.

This could be insufficient. Investors, owners, operators, and occupiers want validated building performance and verifiable long-term cost benefits.

LEED’s limited energy saving guidelines may have inspired alternative building standards, many of which focus on building performance.

The Energy Star program rates buildings on a 1 to 100 scale. NR Canada’s EnerGuide focuses on homes. There are 19 energy-related green building standards in Canada, including the Living Building Standard, BuiltGreen, WELL, Fitwell, BREEAM, Net Zero, and Net Zero Ready. Labels and certifications are perplexing.

Next, take a look at leadership in building performance excellence.

Indian-origin Rishi Sunak says he’ll fix the UK’s problems

Original Source: Indian-origin Rishi Sunak Says He’s The Candidate To Fix UK’s Problems

The Indian British contender told 160,000 Conservative members voting for the next PM that the UK confronts “a whole set of emergencies.”

The energy price crisis is one.

Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, challenged Sunak to equal the BPN 15 billion he pledged as chancellor to help with energy bills. Sunak proposes paying “a few billions” to retirees and welfare recipients.

Sunak noted that his opponent, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, promised tax cuts that wouldn’t help the poor or the elderly. Truss’ idea will give high-income earners more than BPN 1,000, while low-income earners can only save a few pounds.

According to the BBC, Sunak also believes that arming Ukraine is a pressing issue for the UK.

NHS funding in the UK

Regarding the health problem, Sunak has not yet agreed to spend more on the NHS backlog. 

Despite NHS officials’ warnings that inflation will lead to more layoffs and fewer health workers. It would mean fewer hospitals and fewer surgeries.

In a recent poll of Tory members, two-thirds agreed that the health services institute had enough money.

UK Illegal Immigration

Sunak also identified border control as a crisis. He said it’s necessary to provide skilled immigrants with jobs. Il opposes unlawful channel crossings.

This election is only open to fee-paying Conservative Party members. In contrast to the rest of the UK, more than half of fee-paying Tory members are over 60, male, southern England residents, and 97% are white.

Summary of today’s construction news

According to a recent report, the United Kingdom and Canada are “collaborating more closely than ever before.” Bernie also said that MDA facilities in Canada and the United Kingdom helped build the Columbus Ka-band antenna last year. She also stated that the ColKa antenna, which increases Columbus module bandwidth and communicates with European Data Relay System satellites, is active and operational.

Deputy Health Minister Oleksiy Yaremenko, on the other hand, reminded the Ukrainian Ministry of Health that the UK has provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine since the beginning and wishes to help rebuild the healthcare system. Infrastructure rehabilitation might cost up to $17.4 billion.

Furthermore, between 1990 and 2019, Carnegie Mellon University concluded that LEED had relatively little impact on the amount of energy utilised in federal government buildings. If enhancing energy efficiency is the primary goal, LEED certification may not be the best option.

During this time, Martin Lewis, also known as the Money Saving Expert, presented a challenge to Sunak to meet the BPN 15 billion in energy aid that he had promised as chancellor. Sunak proposes handing out “a few billions” in payments to retirees and welfare recipients.