Hear About the Latest News on Fintech Base in Belfast, Iberdrola’s Largest Offshore Wind Investment, the UK Extraditing Three Nigerian BEC Criminals to the US, and the Integral Group Australia Rebranding

In this article, you will learn about the London-based fintech company that is the driving force behind ambitions to generate 232 jobs in Northern Ireland. Also, Iberdrola has begun construction of three offshore wind farms in East Anglia, totaling 1,400 megawatts of capacity at a cost of 6,500 million pounds (7,700 million euros). Furthermore, according to a recent announcement made by the Department of Justice of the United States of America, three Nigerian nationals have been extradited from the United Kingdom to the United States to face charges in connection with their roles in business email compromise (BEC) fraud schemes. Moreover, in the upcoming months, the global network of environmentally conscious engineers and consultants known as Integral Group will begin doing business under the name Introba.

Bank of London launches new fintech base in Belfast

Original Source: Bank of London opens new Belfast fintech base at Soloist Building

The Bank of London has hired 50 workers for its new Belfast office on the ground floor.

The fast-growing fintech disruptor joined KPMG and Pinset Masons in November.

Mr. Watson, a former CIO at Nike and Barclays, called Belfast the UK’s EU gateway.

The Bank of London is the UK’s sixth clearing bank. Clearing settles bank transactions.

Invest NI has backed 130 of the 232 jobs the fintech startup hopes to generate by 2026.

The economic support agency said the posts would pay about £34,000. One-third of the posts will be tech-related, with two-thirds in operations and compliance.

Since announcing the move in June, the Bank of London’s recruitment in Belfast has “surpassed early predictions”.

Stephen Bell, the company’s chief risk and compliance officer, will lead Northern Ireland.

Mr. Bell was a senior executive at Ulster Bank and AIB.

Mr. Bell said the fintech start-up believes “extraordinary and diverse talent will construct the future of banking.”

Together with Invest NI, we chose Belfast as The Bank of London’s first UK office outside of London.

“We know we’ll find the talent we need to innovate financial services and build a borderless future infrastructure here.”

“Our experience to date has proven this to be the right decision, and the speed at which we’ve been able to recruit across a range of skills and experience, not only in technology but in compliance and risk, is testament to our commitment to ongoing investment in Northern Ireland and the wider economy.”

Gordon Lyons toured the new headquarters Tuesday.

The DUP MLA called Invest NI’s new Bank of London headquarters “a coup.”

“Actions speak louder than words.” We often talk about Northern Ireland’s investment potential, but developments like this prove it.

Mel Chittock, interim CEO of Invest NI, said Bank of London roles will pay £7.8m a year.

“Its disruptor strategy will bring new innovation to our fintech sector, generating new possibilities across a number of financial services roles,” he said.

Iberdrola begins its largest offshore wind investment in the UK

Original Source: Iberdrola begins work on its largest investment in offshore wind power in the United Kingdom

Iberdrola has started building three offshore wind farms in East Anglia, a 1,400-MW plant that will cost £6,500 million (7,700 million euros). This distinctive technology gets greater investment.

The Spanish company will develop two more parks, East Anglia One North and East Anglia Two, for a total installed capacity of 3,000 MW, representing 6% of the country’s offshore wind output, the statement underlines.

East Anglia Three intends to begin operations in 2025 and offer sustainable energy to 1.3 million homes. Its construction will employ 7,000.

Iberdrola’s East Anglia Forest, which Iberdrola operates through ScottishPower, can produce 714 MW of electricity and provide power for 630,000 British homes.


The first part will be groundwork. The park’s onshore substation will be erected in Suffolk County and connected to the National System power grid.

Over 100 new-generation wind turbines will be installed on East Anglia Three’s 305-km2 site.

It will include four maritime substations, one operations platform, and four undersea cables to export energy ashore.

When it begins production, the farm will be the company’s eighth, with two others in the East Anglia Forest, Irish Sea, and German Baltic Sea.

The Spanish corporation is establishing three huge facilities in France, the U.S., and Germany with €2,500 million in the first two and €3,500 million in the third.

big bet

Offshore wind power has been a collective bet for 20 years. 785 MW are marine projects built or insured under long-term purchase agreements.

So far this year, 30% of the group’s new capacity has come from this source. Iberdrola will invest 30,000 million euros worldwide to reach 12,000 MW of offshore wind by 2030.

UK extradites three Nigerian BEC fraudsters to US

Original Source: Three Nigerian BEC Fraudsters Extradited From UK to US

Oludayo Kolawole, John Adeagbo, Donald Ikenna Echeazu, and Olabanji Egbinola allegedly caused $5 million in losses to institutions in North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Cybercriminals impersonate another employee or a significant business partner in BEC scams, targeting employees with access to an organisation’s finances with a false invoice to transfer funds to an account controlled by the attackers.

Oludayo Kolawole, John Adeagbo, 43, a Nigerian citizen and UK resident, and Donald Ikenna Echeazu, 40, a dual UK and Nigerian citizen, are accused of stealing $1.9 million from a North Carolina university.

A federal grand jury indicted the two for gathering information on a multimillion-dollar building project at a North Carolina university and other US construction projects.

The defendants purchased a bogus domain and developed a phoney email address to impersonate a university construction company, tricking the university into paying over $1.9 million to a co-conspirator.

They laundered the money to hide the fraud.

Adeagbo and Echeazu face up to 22 years in jail for their roles in this scheme (20 years for wire fraud and 2 years for aggravated identity theft).

Olabanji Egbinola allegedly defrauded a Virginia university by imitating a construction company. Using a fake email account, the defendant deceived the institution into sending $470,000 to an attacker’s bank account, then laundered the money.

Adeagbo is also accused of participating in a $3 million BEC scheme targeting Texas local governments, construction companies, and a college. He might get 20 years if convicted.

According to the indictment, Adeagbo and his co-conspirators registered names matching those of legitimate firms and sent bogus emails from such domains, fooling clients into wiring wire payments to the attackers’ bank accounts.

Integral Group Australia rebrands as Introba to match global brands

Original Source: Integral Group Australia Rebranding as Introba to Align with Global Brands

Introba transforms the built environment by developing smart, resilient, networked living systems. It offers district planning, technical design, system integration, and performance optimization through digital transformation and sustainability.

Integral Group has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane after partnering with Umow Lai in 2021.

As part of Introba, these offices will continue to employ approximately 200 individuals in Australian capital cities. Integral Group’s excellent service will continue, and clients will have access to Introba’s global resources and experience.

Kevin Hydes founded Integral Group in 2008 to accelerate the adoption of sustainable building design, going beyond green and net-zero buildings to regenerative buildings that prevent ecological deterioration.

Introba will combine the complementary efforts of Elementa Consulting in the UK, Elementa Engineering in New York City, and Ross & Baruzzini in the US.

Integral Group has grown into a global organisation that offers green engineering solutions for some of the world’s most challenging and fascinating projects. Kevin Hydes, founder of Integral Group, said the combined enterprises would empower people to improve communities, promote sustainability, and create smart, resilient, and connected physical environments. Hydes will lead strategic projects as a consultant.

Integral Group signed the Net Zero Carbon Commitment and the MEP 2040 Challenge of the World Green Building Council. Over 100 net zero energy buildings have been completed. Notable projects include the Technology and Innovation Complex (TIC) at James Cook University and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Integral Group President Bill Overturf states, “As we take the first steps to full brand integration, we build on Umow Lai and our partners’ shared legacy.” ” The rebranding reflects our commitment to offering customers strong technical experience, cutting-edge ideas, and global resources. Many of us have worked together, so I’m enthusiastic about this next chapter of our progress. Together, we can improve the quality of life in our communities while boosting business unity by streamlining processes and procedures.

Introba will provide a comprehensive range of design services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering; technology systems; security consulting; medical equipment planning; aviation baggage handling; and sustainability consulting.

The united organisation will offer innovative technologies, consultancy, and green engineering.

By 2022, the firm will be Introba.

Summary of today’s construction news

In today’s post, you have learned information regarding the latest news, and in a recent report, the Bank of London has opened a new office on the ground level in Belfast, and it has already employed fifty people to work there. In November, the rapidly expanding fintech disruptor became a client of both KPMG and Pinset Masons.

On the other hand, Iberdrola’s East Anglia Forest, which is operated by ScottishPower on its behalf, is capable of generating 714 megawatts of electricity and is able to supply enough power for 630,000 homes in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the indictment alleges that Adeagbo and his co-conspirators set up websites with domain names similar to those of actual businesses and sent emails from these domains to trick customers into sending money to their accounts.

Moreover, “As we take the first steps to full brand integration, we build on Umow Lai and our partners’ shared legacy,” says Integral Group President Bill Overturf. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering; technological systems; security consulting; medical equipment planning; airport baggage handling; and sustainability consulting are just some of the design services that Introba will offer.

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