Read About the Latest News on Derbyshire Enrok is Building in Brixton, Milton Keynes Modular Homes, Octopus Invests in UK Energy Storage, and the Former Gateshead Primary School

Luxury apartments are being constructed in Brixton by Derbyshire’s Enrok. The project entails the renovation of a building on Shakespeare Road that currently has four stories and the addition of a fifth floor. Meanwhile, on a city estate, houses that were assembled off-site in a factory and then moved into position using cranes are now available for purchase. In addition to that, Octopus Energy Development Partnership is the name of the new renewables fund that was recently established by Octopus Energy Group (OEDP). This comes at the same time as the fund is making its first investment, in renewables producer Exagen, with the intention of constructing new sources of green energy and rapidly expanding the capacity of the UK’s energy storage facilities. Also, the planning application that has been recommended by council officers to be submitted on the site of the former Dunston Hill Community Primary School has finally been approved.

Derbyshire’s Enrok is building luxury apartments in Brixton

Original Source: Derbyshire construction company Enrok working on Brixton luxury apartment scheme

A Derbyshire building firm has won a £4.6 million contract for South London luxury apartments.

Enrok Construction and Node are building 63 one- and two-bedroom apartments in Brixton.

Since March 2022, the construction professional has been working on the project. The company has finished roofing, windows, cladding, and internal fit out.

The project comprises remodelling a four-story Shakespeare Road property and adding six units.

The Shard, The City, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, and the Palace of Westminster will be seen from the penthouses.

Simon Bennett, MCIOB, Enrok’s operations manager, stated, “We’ve been working with Node for four months, and it’s exciting to announce our flagship project.”

“Building outwards isn’t always viable in high-density locations, so growing upwards is an effective alternative. This is becoming increasingly popular in London and other highly populated cities.

“Working in London has its challenges, but our project planning and current presence in London have allowed us to start the work quickly.” “We look forward to delivering it successfully.”

“We hope this signifies the start of a good working relationship with Node.”

Enrok Construction operates nationwide from its Derbyshire base. The company designs, builds, and manages commercial and residential projects.

Milton Keynes will sell modular homes built in weeks

Original Source: Modular homes that take just weeks to build are set to go on the market in Milton Keynes

Bellway Homes is building 160 new homes and flats in Tattenhoe Park utilising MMC (MMC).

This is done by using ready-made’ factory-built components that are craned onto the development.

Bellway says the homes are quality, sustainable, and energy-efficient.

Houses England picked Bellway to participate in a trial initiative to speed the delivery of new homes through MMC.

The first residences have been marketed since construction began in July. One-bedroom apartments cost £215,000.

Bellway is creating 160 quick build and modern method’ homes. One-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom mansions.

Forty are modular homes made at a factory, while the other 120 are erected on site using timber frame panels.

This improves efficiency and reduces weather-related delays.

Of those, 112 homes will be for sale, and 48 will be affordable for rent or shared ownership.

The study will evaluate new methods of building after government research stated MMC will speed up house deliveries in the UK.

Luke Southgate, Sales Director for Bellway Northern Home Counties, stated, “Demand for these new homes, which will hasten delivery and improve quality, has been robust since we revealed our plans for this site.”

“It’s an honour to be picked by Homes England for this challenging project,” he said. These are the first homes Bellway has built using modern methods of construction, so it’s a big step for the company and the industry.

“We’re excited to see these new properties being built.” Due to construction time savings, we estimate all residences to be built in two years.

In June 2022, construction began. In December, a sales office and model homes will open.

Tattenhoe Park will have 1,300 homes when finished.

The first releases include one- and two-bedroom apartments and a three-bedroom house; one- to four-bedroom houses will be available later this year.

Tattenhoe Park will have 1,300 homes when finished.

New residences will be marketed by Elevation.

Octopus invests in UK energy storage

Original Source: Octopus Energy invests in UK energy storage project

The €220 million OEDP invests in early stages of constructing new green energy, which will reduce Europe’s reliance on gas imports and slash energy bills in the future.

Managed by Octopus Energy Generation, OEDP targets solar, onshore wind, and energy storage projects in the UK and Europe. KrakenFlex, Octopus’ flexibility and trading platform, controls 1300 MW of green energy.

This multimillion-pound deal gives OEDP 24% of Exagen. Exagen is building large-scale solar and storage systems with the aid of farmers, landowners, and local communities.

This transaction includes an option to buy one of the UK’s largest batteries, 500 MW/1 GWh, in the Midlands, England by 2027. This battery can supply the daily electricity needs of 235,000 houses. Batteries balance the grid by storing cheap green energy when it’s abundant and releasing it when it’s needed.

OEDP also acquired three solar farms with batteries in the Midlands and North East of England from Exagen. Solar farms with a combined 400 MW are set to go online in 2023. Octopus can invest in 2 GW of solar and battery storage projects in the pipeline that Exagen has.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, says, “This investment unlocks large amounts of additional renewable energy across Europe, boosting energy security.” The more green electricity we build, the faster we can reduce our dependence on gas imports and lower energy rates for Brits and Europeans.

Alex Brierley, co-head of Octopus Energy Generation’s fund management team, said: “This is a huge milestone for us, and we have more to come.” Working with Exagen, there’s a huge opportunity to scale solar and battery storage projects, which will be key to the flexible renewable energy grid of the future.

Exagen Founder and CEO Jeremy Littman said, “We’re excited by this ground-breaking collaboration with Octopus, which will help our ambition to construct smarter, flexible renewable power projects across the grid, enabling communities to access cleaner, cheaper energy.” I feel our commitment to our people, technology-focused operations, and passion for local communities and the environment has united us with the Octopus team, and we look forward to delivering on our promise together.

The former Gateshead primary school is slated for 35 affordable homes

Original Source: Former Gateshead primary school earmarked for demolition and building of 35 affordable homes

Dunston Hill, the former Gateshead primary school, is slated for demolition and redevelopment.

The land at Ellison Road, Park Terrace, Market Lane, and Dunston Bank has been unoccupied since 2009. Councillors will meet next Wednesday to determine whether to allow the development of 35 new homes on the site. Meldrum Construction Services wanted to develop the site in 2019, but councillors are now considering granting the request.

Developers plan 22 2-bedroom and 13 3-bedroom homes. The construction company says the homes are 100% affordable.

The project drew objections from residents in 2019 and still does. The last public consultation on the proposal generated local reservations about the architecture, parking, and lack of charging outlets.

GP clinics and schools were initially concerned about the project’s impact.

According to a council report, “It is welcome that the replacement scheme seeks to create a strong street frontage to Ellison Road, and the architectural approach is supported in general, particularly the proposed incorporation of original architectural artefacts into the designs and the key dwellings at the corner of the main frontage, which would punctuate the development.”

“Proposals for materials are deemed appropriate, and it is advised that final details be submitted to the LPA and the authorised scheme be implemented.”

When asked for their opinion on the development, Northumbria Police responded, “The proposal for a corner site, formerly the primary school, was always likely to be compromised and we have no problems, but the altered layout incorporates two walkways that are problematic from a crime and disorder perspective.”

Summary of today’s construction news

A construction company from Derbyshire has been awarded a contract for £4.6 million to construct luxury apartments in South London. Enrok Construction and Node are in the process of constructing 63 apartments in Brixton, all of which will have either one or two bedrooms.

On the other hand, MMC is being utilised in the construction of 160 brand new homes and flats by Bellway Homes in Tattenhoe Park (MMC). This is accomplished by utilising components that have already been manufactured in a factory and are then craned onto the development. According to Bellway, the residences are high-quality, sustainable, and have efficient energy use.

Furthermore, the OEDP spends 220 million euros in the earliest phases of the building of green energy, which will lessen Europe’s dependence on fuel imports and the cost of energy consumption in the future. OEDP will now own 24% of Exagen as a result of this multimillion-pound transaction. Farmers, landowners, and community members in the area are assisting Exagen in the construction of large-scale solar and storage systems.

Moreover, the deconstruction and reconstruction of Dunston Hill, which formerly served as a primary school in Gateshead, is now in the planning stages. Developers plan 22 2-bedroom and 13 3-bedroom units. According to the construction company, the residences are within everyone’s price range. Initially, primary care clinics and schools were concerned about the impact that the project would have.

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