Read the Latest News on a New £7M Care Home, New Hard Surface Runway at Yeovil Airfield, Decline in UK Housing Stocks, and Hidden Entrance in a Forgotten Square

Construction on a brand-new, state-of-the-art care facility costing seven million pounds has already reached a significant milestone. In October of 2021, construction began at the cutting-edge facility that the Lancashire County Council was planning to build at Bowgreave Rise in Garstang. The new structure has been placed behind the older residential home for the time being. Meanwhile, the airfield features the United Kingdom’s longest grass runway. Yeovil’s Leonardo Helicopters is now in the process of constructing a brand new runway. Furthermore, after HSBC analysts predicted that Britain was on the verge of a housing crisis due to a sharp increase in borrowing rates, shares in the British housebuilders’ index plummeted to an almost nine-year low on Friday. On top of that, following the devastating fire that occurred on the George IV Bridge, the staff of Oz Bar on Candlemaker Row were obliged to gut the entire establishment to its fundamental components, which is when they made the thrilling discovery.

A new £7m care home is under construction

Original Source: Construction of new £7m care home well under way

Work on Lancashire County Council’s cutting-edge facility at Bowgreave Rise in Garstang began in October 2021. The new building is now behind the previous residential house.

The Eric Wright Group’s structure is complete, and work on the bedrooms and common areas is moving nicely.

The new three-story, 45-bed care home will replace Bowgreave Rise Home for Older People.

People seeking mainstream or dementia care will have access to sophisticated facilities.

After residents and employees move to the new home in spring 2023, the old structure will be removed to make room for an extra care facility.

Graham Gooch, cabinet member for adult social care, said, “Homes like Bowgreave Rise are vital as more individuals with dementia need residential care.”

The current facility has done its job for years, and personnel work hard to provide high-quality care. But the building is old and not modern.

We want a new, larger facility so we can meet the growing demand for this type of care and ensure patients get the necessary care.

The residence is one of the first new county government facilities to use green technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

Energy-efficient under-floor heating, electronic vehicle charging ports, and high-performance glass prevent the structure from being overheated or chilled by outside temperatures.

Construction recycles and reuses materials onsite when possible.

Cabinet member for the environment and climate change Shaun Turner said, “Building from scratch lets us future-proof the care home’s energy use and carbon footprint.”

The super-insulated building saves energy and is more comfortable for residents.

Heat source pumps will assist in cooling the structure. Solar panels and hydrogen-ready boilers are also used.

“The new house is vital for the community, and I can’t wait to see it finished.”

Darren Clayton, Eric Wright project coordinator, commented, “We’re happy to deliver this crucial local facility through our continuous relationship with the county council.”

“We’ve worked closely with workers and residents to ensure the project meets their needs and can be built with minimal disturbance.”

“We look forward to delivering this crucial facility for seniors.”

Leonardo Helicopters: New hard surface runway at Yeovil airfield begins construction

Original Source: Leonardo Helicopters: Work begins on project to build new hard surface runway at Yeovil airfield

A new runway is being built at Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil. The corporation says the work shows its sustained investment in Yeovil.

Leonardo airfield is the UK’s longest grass runway at 1,386 metres, located west of Yeovil. A new hard surface runway will be built on the grass airfield.

Work on the “Yeovil Aerodrome Upgrade project” began in July with a new support facility near the intended runway. After this facility is built, work on the runway can begin, but no timetable has been set.

“In July, we accomplished a critical milestone on the Yeovil Aerodrome Upgrade project by starting the Airfield Ground Lighting support building,” a Leonardo Helicopters spokesman stated.

The next upgrade steps are under review. This project shows ongoing investment in Yeovil.

At a 2019 public consultation, Leonardo spokesman Geoff Russell said the renovation wasn’t meant to increase air traffic. “The runway will allow tiny fixed-wing aircraft to take off and land, but that’s not part of our daily operations,” said Mr. Russell.

We don’t want to encourage fixed-wing aircraft at Leonardo. The runway will see few planes.

“The existing runway isn’t up to par, and a short runway is needed for helicopter testing.” “The existing runway is uneven, so this project will level it up.”

Work continues on a new £28m logistics hub at West Hendford, another redevelopment project at Leonardo Helicopters in Yeovil. The vast facility is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

HSBC predicts a decline in UK housing stocks

Original Source: UK housing stocks slump as HSBC warns of impending downturn

The UK housing sector, a pandemic winner, is losing momentum with fewer new-buyer inquiries and fewer mortgage approvals for house purchases.

HSBC’s Building Materials division forecasts a 20% drop in UK house demand starting this autumn. Britain’s house builders’ index (.FTNMX402020) plummeted 4% to a 2013 low.

All UK housebuilders under the brokerage’s coverage were downgraded to “hold” from “buy,” except for high-end home builder Berkeley Group (BKGH.L). Vistry’s “buy” rating was maintained (VTYV.L).

Due to rising prices and interest rates, Britain is anticipated to enter a recession by the end of the year.

Berkeley, Barratt, Persimmon, and Taylor Wimpey led FTSE 100 falls, plunging 2% to 5%.

Initial declines coincided with the government’s effort in early 2022 to increase pressure on housebuilders to pay for cladding removal before the market started pricing in the dismal climate, especially a spike in operational issues.

Red-hot house prices in the UK have helped homebuilders stave off cost pressures from supply chain interruptions and workforce shortages caused by Brexit and the coronavirus outbreak, but Barratt and Persimmon have underlined the toughening position.

Edinburgh bar discovers entrance to forgotten square during renovations

Original Source: Edinburgh bar find hidden passageway to forgotten square during building repairs

A prominent Edinburgh bar’s refurbishment unearthed the entrance to a centuries-old plaza.

Oz Bar on Candlemaker Row made the discovery after the George IV Bridge fire.

In August 2021, a severe blaze around the Patisserie Valerie cafe damaged multiple properties in the property, including the bar.

Building restorations have uncovered a formerly popular entrance and tunnel to Brown Square, a devastated 1700s centre.

Old maps and papers suggest that the arches were a passageway into the plaza and housed an ironmonger.

The now-visible route ran past a poor apartment and businesses on Candlemaker Row, and the bar is focused on retaining the piece of history permanently.

Oz Bar owner Iain Ponton told the BBC he didn’t know about the neglected entry.

“When contractors sent me a photo saying, ‘See what we found,’ I drove to the pub,” he added. They removed wood and corrugated iron from the plaster. The collapse revealed an arch.

“I climbed a ladder to view, and over a week they exposed more.

I believed the wall was from the furniture store. I had no idea it was historical evidence. It’s amazing. “

James Brown, who also created George Square, designed the opulent Brown Square in the 1760s.

The square, which once housed doctors and writers, was dismantled and rebuilt decades later.

Summary of today’s construction news

In today’s construction news, the structure that was built by the Eric Wright Group is finished, and progress on the kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas is going quite well. The Bowgreave Rise Home for Older People will be replaced by a brand new residential care facility that has 45 beds and three stories.

Additionally, located west of Yeovil, the Leonardo airstrip boasts the longest grass runway in the United Kingdom at 1,386 metres. On the grass airfield, a new runway with a hard surface is going to be constructed.

Furthermore, beginning this fall, the building materials business of HSBC anticipates a decline of 20% in the market for houses in the UK. The index of house builders in Britain (.FTNMX402020) experienced a 4% drop, bringing it to a 2013 low.

Moreover, during the course of building renovation, a once-popular entrance and tunnel to Brown Square, which was a demolished centre in the 1700s, were discovered. According to some historical documents and maps, the arches once served as a gateway into the plaza and were home to an ironmonger.

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