Hear About the Latest News on a Northampton School Contract, Birmingham’s Highest Residential Tower, Monkwearmouth Hospital, Innovation to Encourage Self-building, Beringea Leads $17.5m Series A, and CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter

In today’s news, we will look at the Northampton School Contract that was secured by Algeco UK Ltd. Glenn Howells has finished building Birmingham‘s highest residential tower called The Mercian. The Monkwearmouth Hospital will be getting their expansion by Robert McAlpine. To encourage sustainable self building, lenders should learn how to innovate since the environment has become a biggest challenge. Yardlink is back with a Series A funding round totaling 17.5 million dollars, led by Beringea. The CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter was finally signed by the 100th organisation, which was Laing O’Rourke.

Algeco wins £28m Northampton school contract

Original Source: Algeco lands £28m modular Northampton school

Algeco UK Ltd will build a £27.6m modular school in Northampton.

The Northampton School for Boys Multi-Academy Trust will begin construction in January.

Algeco will engage with Watson Batty Architect as the design-builder.

Algeco will supply 210 modules and a hybrid framework for the halls to build the 1200-seat secondary school.

Algeco will deliver the first modules in August 2023 from its Carnaby, East Yorkshire, factory.

The school will be finished in 2024.

Managing Director of Algeco Offsite Solutions, James Withey, remarked, “We’ve delivered huge publicly sponsored projects before.”

The industry should take heed of Northampton School. Our technology can help the Department for Education and other publicly and privately funded organisations enhance delivery and outcomes of their UK building programmes.

Algeco UK Ltd, formerly Elliott in the UK, runs 23 sites for movable, modular building, and offsite construction hire and sales.

Birmingham’s highest residential tower is completed by Glenn Howells

Original Source: Glenn Howells Architects completes Birmingham’s tallest residential tower

The Mercian, a 42-story build-to-rent tower, has 481 new homes, resident amenities, and commercial apartments.

Moda Living’s concept consists of one- to three-bed family units for rent and features a residents’ lounge, a 24-hour gym, a private dining room, a cinema, and games areas designed by Naomi Cleaver. A 1,400m2 rooftop patio has a running track, seating, and BBQ places.

The three-story podium features a triple-height entrance and reception area, as well as 489 bike storage spaces.

The tower’s façade is coated in bronze metal fins between glazed panels, evoking the former Timmins brass industry.

The façade’s 3,600 unitized panels reduced embodied energy, minimised site waste, and ensured quality. Bathroom and utility pods are also prefabricated.

It’s a smart building, with real-time data on thermal comfort, CO2, and lighting conditions tracked by inhabitants’ smartphones to monitor energy use and expenditures.

The building is Fitwel three-star certified and uses 100% wind, tidal, and solar energy.

The West Midlands Combined Authority and contractor Sisk set up an employment hub during construction to provide local jobs and apprenticeships.

Architectural perspective

The Mercian meets the requirements for urban living in our reenergized metropolis and exceeds expectations in quality, raising the bar for the build-to-rent market. The showpiece development used modern construction technologies, upskilled the regional construction industry, created jobs, and supported local supply chains to achieve high-rise typologies. The client, contractor, and consultants made this happen. Glenn Howells’ Dav Bansal


Glenn Howells Architects helped us deliver this landmark building, revolutionising city centre living in Birmingham and offering a best-in-class, next-generation offer for Birmingham residents.

Moda Living’s Peter Sproule

McAlpine expands Monkwearmouth Hospital

Original Source: McAlpine wins Monkwearmouth Hospital extension

Sir Robert McAlpine is expanding a Sunderland mental hospital.

Local councillors stopped a plan to demolish and rebuild Monkwearmouth Hospital. Instead, a new three-story building will provide extra office and administrative space.

The 3,237-square-metre new building will serve as the main entrance to the hospital’s outpatient facilities. In addition to a new entryway, reception area, and café, the new building will have open-plan workspaces and consultants’ offices on the upper floors.

Monkwearmouth Development Ltd (MDL), a Sir Robert McAlpine and Argon joint venture, will deliver the project.

Sir Robert McAlpine was MDL’s builder. It started last month and will be done in 2024.

MDL is collaborating with NTW Solutions, a local NHS trust company, to improve facilities.

McAlpine’s spot on Pagabo’s developer-led framework is appointed MDL.

David Hosken, project director for Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures, said, “We’re excited to see the new building take shape.” This great project allows us to continue collaborating with NHS Trusts to make beneficial advances for patients.

Lenders must innovate to encourage self-building

Original Source: Lenders must embrace innovation to encourage sustainable self-building

Energy conservation to save money and the environment has been a bigger challenge.

Fear of future energy price hikes – eased by recent revisions to the anticipated price cap increase – and undersupply is at a level not seen since the 1970s.

In 2020, the National Custom and Self Build Association and the Building Societies Association found that 89% of respondents said energy efficiency was essential to them.

This echoes our own experience at BuildStore, where more clients are excited about employing modern materials, construction methods, and features that help reduce energy use.

Self- and custom-builders are often ecologically conscious and recognise that by building this method, they can lessen their home’s environmental impact during construction and its lifetime.

What can the mortgage sector do to encourage consumers to build or repair homes that use less energy?

Applaud modern construction

The first major issue is that mortgage lenders still favour brick, block, and concrete homes.

Modern construction methods using timber and modern, highly efficient materials manufactured off-site in prefabricated pieces have limited financing. This type of building can easily include high levels of insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and reduce waste during manufacturing and construction.

Mortgage providers must acknowledge that high-quality built system houses are adequate mortgage security and can be easily sold later.

more cheap mortgages

Second, make financing the extra cost of building or rebuilding to an energy-efficient level more available and affordable, and minimise the payback time. So far, “green” mortgage product design has been fairly simplistic, focusing on tiny interest rate savings for highly EPC-rated buildings.

We’d like to see mortgage arrangements that incentivize builders that meet high energy efficiency standards, potentially using the government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

Low or zero interest rates could be applied to some remodelling retrofits. This might make insulation, heat pumps, MVHR systems, and solar panels economical in five to 10 years.

Lower expected energy costs should also be used to offer larger mortgages to help borrowers pay the higher cost of green building.

Finance is available for self-builders to create an energy-efficient home, albeit it’s more limited than for established construction types and materials. This availability is projected to rise as the world strives to minimise energy use and reach ‘net-zero’ carbon emissions.

Beringea leads $17.5M Series A for construction equipment marketplace

Original Source: Construction equipment marketplace raises a $17.5M Series A led by Beringea

Back in 2020, I wrote about how UK startup Yardlink – which lets construction companies get vital equipment faster than usual – secured its seed round. It was a digital-first, marketplace approach to a slow, centralised hire market.

Yardlink is back with a $17.5m Series A fundraising round led by Beringea, with participation from Amplifier, Speedinvest, and FJ Labs.

From its rental roots, the company has grown into a full-service supply chain management platform, giving contractors access to providers of tools, equipment, bulk materials, gasoline, and other services and products. All may be booked and paid for on the platform.

Neeral Shah, CEO of YardLink, stated, “Construction is one of the least digitised industries, with 95% of supply chain transactions still completed over the phone, email, and pen and paper.” YardLink links construction consumers to their supply chain digitally.

Partner at Beringea Maria Wagner said YardLink could become the go-to marketplace for construction goods.

Over email, the company assured me that its local supply chain helps reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects.

Shah offered trade financing for construction procurement for years before launching YardLink. Now it boasts 3000+ customers.

Laing O’Rourke signs CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Original Source: Laing O’Rourke becomes 100th firm to sign up to CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Laing O’Rourke urges construction firms to sign CIOB’s Diversity & Inclusion Charter as the 100th signatory.

Laing O’Rourke signed the CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter as the 100th organisation.

The charter promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, citing evidence that it’s vital to a construction firm’s success.

It outlines five fundamental acts that are adaptable to any organisation or situation. Are:

Show leadership; plan; shape culture; be open; be accountable.

Laing O’Rourke’s head of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, Emma Shakespeare, said the company signed the charter to join its peers in driving change. The corporation aims to attain gender parity by 2033 and increase the proportion of women in top delivery roles and projects.

“We’re committed to driving change across the industry and inside our own company,” she said.

Laing O’Rourke created a D&I forum earlier this year. D&I leaders from across the industry discuss best practices. Companies include Balfour, Mace, Kier, Skanska, Costain. Shakespeare: “Laing O’Rourke wants to push industry reform.” Equal parental leave is one of our policies. Within that forum, our work has been well-received.

She said more organisations should sign the CIOB Diversity & Inclusion Charter. “Together, we can make the industry a better place for everyone and attract varied talent,” she said.

Signatories have grown since the launch. Laing O’Rourke joined in October 2022.

Big step

Mark Harrison, EDI head at CIOB, said having 100 companies sign the charter is a milestone for the industry. This shows progress toward a more inclusive, inviting, and representative industry. The Charter allows corporations to indicate they aim to make the industry more diverse.

“And it sends a message to potential recruits that they desire the best people from all areas of life, which boosts employee belonging and client credibility.” The number of companies joining the charter continues to rise, and we welcome more.

Construction is male-dominated globally. In the UK, 15% of construction workers are women, with 2% on-site. Those from BAME backgrounds make up barely 6% of the workforce. The CIOB stated the “stark” underrepresentation indicates “one apparent answer” to the skills gap in construction.

EDI plan

Harrison continued, “We must explore how the EDI agenda may benefit individual companies, the industry, and beyond.” It also has the ability to close the industry’s skills gap. Only 2% of worksite operatives are women, therefore some solutions are evident.

“Our sector has a wide range of existing and new roles that offer fantastic employment. We need people with diverse life experiences and talents in these roles. That will benefit everyone in the sector and those using our buildings.

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed Algeco UK Ltd. as they secured the contract to construct a £27.6 million modular school in Northampton. The Mercian is a build-to-rent tower that is 42 stories tall and features 481 brand new apartments, in addition to resident amenities and commercial flats, and Glenn Howells has just finished constructing it. Sir Robert McAlpine is in the process of expanding a psychiatric institution in Monkwearmouth, which is located in Sunderland. As the environment becomes the bigger challenge, lenders should learn innovation in order to achieve sustainable self-building. With participation from Amplifier, Speedinvest, and FJ Labs, Yardlink is back with a Series A funding round of $17.5 million, led by Beringea. Being the 100th organisation to sign the CIOB’s Diversity & Inclusion Charter, Laing O’Rourke is encouraging its peers in the construction industry to do the same.

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