The Ultimate Guide to S5! Roof Clamps

Roofing clamps are designed to attach items such as solar panels, aerials, and satellite dishes to your roof without having to penetrate the roof itself. Various designs are available depending on the type of roof profile, gauge, and material used. They are a popular attachment method because of their low cost and ease of installation. They can speed up the process and are less invasive than alternative attachment methods. Using their uniquely engineered design, you can pick the clamp most suitable for the shape and design of your roof. The clamp is designed to sit securely and unmoving, bearing the weight of the attachment you add to your roof. They also help keep your roof watertight in bad weather.

Why Choose S5! Roof Clamps?

S5! Are experts when it comes to metal roof clamps. Their products are engineered to specific roof designs, so you can be sure to find the right one for your roof. S5! roof clamps are available in a range of sizes, each with a unique application purpose. You can choose from a standard clamp with two setscrews or a mini clamp with only one setscrew. Depending on your needs, you may require a range of roof clamps. With eleven different roof clamps on offer, from standard to mini, no roofing application

The Different Roof Clamp Designs

Each S5! roof clamp is uniquely designed with a specific purpose in mind. Find out more about the S5! Roof clamps range so you can find the right attachment to help keep your roof strong and watertight.

S5! B Mini

The B Mini roof clamp is designed with brass and copper roofing in mind. Copper roofs are a popular choice due to their weather resistance and the way they minimise mould and mildew buildup compared to other roof types. The S5! B Mini clamp is made from brass to accompany the visual appeal of your roofing. It is designed specifically for double-folded copper standing seam paneling. It is an excellent option when an extremely strong hold is not required.

S5! E Clamp (Standard & Mini)

An S5! E clamp is designed for use on a traditional standing seam double-fold roof. The ‘E’, standing for European, demonstrates the suitability of this roof clamp for use on the popular double-fold SSMR roofing used throughout Europe. Available in both standard and mini, the S5! E clamp can be used for a variety of holding strengths. These clamps are both parallel-to-seam, and negative load normal-to-seam tested.

S5! K Grip Clamp (Standard & Mini)

Ideal for concealed fastened roofs and similar profiles, the S5! K Grip clamp is designed to fit all KlipLok roofing. This clamp can work around rib dimensions using two inserts to ensure a secure and tight grip. The K Grip uses side bolts, as opposed to the standard setscrews of other clamps, which helps to prevent over-compression. Depending on the strength you require, these clamps are available in both standard and mini.

S5! N Mini Clamp

The unique design of this clamp uses angled setscrews and innovative inserts to enable it to fit securely to the majority of nail strip profiles. This particular clamp is best suited for mounting to nail flange metal roof profiles with 20mm base rib. It has undergone rigorous negative load normal-to-seam testing to ensure the strongest hold and best performance.

S5! S Clamp (Standard & Mini)

The S5! S is the most appropriate clamp option for snap-lock and angle-seam roof profiles with 13mm horizontal dimensions. Snap-lock roofing is a popular roof type where each panel runs continuously from eave to ridge, ensuring a watertight and weatherproof finish. Made from alluminium, the S5! S and the S5! S Mini can both be used to prevent crimping the horizontal roof seam.

S5! U Clamp (Standard & Mini)

If you are looking for the most versatile roof clamp, the S5! universal clamp is the way to go. The specific dimensions of this clamp make it useable on the majority of standing seam profile roofs. It can be fixed to vertically-oriented seams or rotated and used on horizontal 2” roof seams. The greatest feature of this roof clamp is its versatility.

S5! Z Clamp (Standard & Mini)

Available in standard and mini, the S5! Z clamp is designed for zip-rib rounded bulb seams with a 22mm diameter. This makes it ideal for snow guards and other heavy duty applications. Available in both standard and mini sizes, this clamp can be installed anywhere on the roof rib.

Choosing the Right Roof Clamp

The sheer scale of roof clamps available means you are guaranteed to find one to suit any metal roof profile. The various materials and screw/bolt options make them adaptable to multiple roof types. They are a great non-piercing option for roof attachments. You can prevent roof movement and leakage by securing your roof watertight with the S5! Roof clamps. They also help to reduce thermal movement, including shrinking and expanding throughout the seasons. The S5! Roof clamps are clearly designed with a specific use in mind, making it easy to find the right one for your particular needs.

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