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How Long Does The Roofing Membrane Last?

If you’ve not had your roof for a while, or you’ve just moved into a new home, you might be wondering about the life expectancy of your roof, then you could be due for a renewal of your roofing. 

What is Roofing Felt:

Roofing felt, also known as underlay, which is part of essential roofing supplies, is placed under your tiles or slate underneath your flooring to help secure it in place. It is laid down under the floor to allow the floor to float, gives it stability, and support, helps with noise reduction, and supports the locking systems in between planks to assure the sturdiest flooring project.

It is mainly used to support tiles that are on the roofing as they can become insecure from any winds or storms, it also provides protection from the rain so it can’t get in through the roofing as it can cause damage and leak in your home. It also helps to insulate your home and keep the warmth in as in the winter months it becomes increasingly cold and having the heating all the time can cause problems with the rising cost of heat, it provides an extra layer to prevent the air from escaping. 

How Long Does Roof Felt Last Under Tiles:

The amount of time your roof felt lasts depends a lot on the type of tiles you use as they are all different styles and textures, traditional roof felt under tiles lasts around 30 years spending on the condition exposed to and experienced as it’s not granite. Now new and modern roofing doesn’t seem to last as long as the quality has faded a bit as it tends to be more durable and sometimes can turn out more expensive than it used to be. 

When having roof underlay replaced you need to make sure it’s a more breathable roofing as it is usually used with more traditional substances and is a much better replacement option than having felt. Using the wrong type of felt can have a higher chance of condensation getting through which can damage your house and can cost more than it needs to. If the air in the roof space is warm, and it contains water when the roof gets cold in winter months it can cause the water to condense on the underside of the roof making condensation so you need to make sure you’re getting breathable underlay to protect your house. 

How Do You Tell If Your Roofing Felt Needs Replacing:

If your roofing becomes damaged or broken it will need repairing or replaced as it will not be adequate enough for youtube and it will become very cold and musty.  One of the most common reasons for roofing felt changes is leaking, if your house has major leaks after heavy rainfall this is a big sign it needs replacing. 

Another big sign is if your tiles are moving or becoming dislodged more easily, this can mean that the tiles are no longer secured properly underneath the felt and it will need replacing as it can become dangerous. If there is leaking in your house or condensation seeping through it can affect your health problems and affect your airways as they can become clogged and can be damaging to your health. 


It’s very important to make sure that your roof felt is repaired professionally as it can be a long and difficult process especially if you do it yourself and do it wrong. Also, it’s best to have it done by professionals as they will have the right techniques and proper materials, and tools to do it right to make sure wind and water don’t affect it or damage it, they can also make sure that it won’t become durable and get destroyed easily so it lasts for a long amount of time.