Top 5 Best Diggers For Digging a Basement

Diggers – whether they are micro diggers, mini diggers, or large diggers – are incredibly useful pieces of machinery. They are versatile pieces of equipment and no construction site can manage without a good range of plant.

Diggers, including 3 ton diggers and 5 ton diggers, perform a wide variety of tasks on a construction site. But because they are not cheap pieces of equipment most people consider digger hire as a cost effective solution to getting a job done on time and on budget.

If you would like some advice and top tips when hiring a digger, read on and discover why 3 ton digger hire and 5 ton digger hire will help you to cut costs and also discover the top five best diggers for digging a basement.

Mini diggers

If you are digging a basement, you will require reliable machinery that can manage tough conditions. You will need a good, sturdy digger if you are digging a large basement. Lots of digging = lots of rubble and waste. However, it depends on the space you have. If you are working in a confined space, you might need to consider mini digger hire. Mini diggers are perfect if access is an issue. If you are excavating a basement, you will definitely need to consider the space you have to work in. Hoardings will need to be erected and you may need to consider temporary weather-proofing.


If you are creating a large basement, you might wish to consider hiring a backhoe. By using a backhoe or an excavator, you will be able to dig down. Excavated material can then be placed into a skip. A backhoe is a large machine that consists of a standard tractor base. The base supports a digging bucket, which is on the end of a two-part arm. On the opposite side of the backhoe, you will often find a front loader attachment. The operator will be able to swivel around in their seat so that they can either use the backhoe or the loader. These pieces of equipment are often referred to as backhoe loaders.

3 Ton Digger Hire

Three ton diggers are small but versatile pieces of plant equipment and are manufactured by reputable companies such as JCB, Kubota, Bobcat, Sany, and Komatsu. If you are working in a small, cramped area, 3 ton digger hire is definitely a phrase that you should type into Google. They are popular pieces of kit and can often be found on construction sites and perfect for self-build projects. A 3 ton digger can come with a hammer attachment, if requested, and they can come with a range of bucket sizes too. This is ideal if you wish to dig out a basement and move soil and waste.

5 Ton Digger Hire

If you would like to dig your basement fast, and space is not so much of an issue, check out 5 ton digger hire. A 5 ton digger will get the job done quickly and efficiently. A 5 ton digger has power,  versatility, and stability. This tracked digger is a multi-purpose machine and is great if you want to dig deeper foundations and they make light work of digging trenches and large holes. Plus, at just a couple of metres wide, they can be used on roads and driveways and with all round visibility, this digger is great in terms of safety and performance.


An excavator or digger features a digging bucket, chassis, and a boom but it can either have wheels or tracks. This is great, as you can hire an excavator that is more suited to your site and project. Excavators can handle heavier tasks. Compared to backhoes, which are great for moving rubble and digging trenches, an excavator can dig foundations, move soil and gravel, and is ideal for larger projects. Brands such as Hitachi, Doosan, Volvo, and John Deere manufacture excavators and diggers in a wide range of sizes.


It is almost impossible to carry out a construction project without digger hire or plant hire. Think about your project, the size of your site, the terrain you are working on, and your budget. The quality of the digger you hire will determine how smoothly your project will run. If you carefully consider the different types of digger that are available to hire, and talk to your friendly digger hire depot – which is full of advice and expertise – you will find the best digger hire on the market so that you can dig your basement on time and on budget.

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