How To Find A Reliable Asphalt Surfacing Contractor

Is your driveway filled with cracks? Are there potholes in your car park that interfere with your driving? Cracks, potholes, and discoloration of your paved surface reduce the surface’s efficiency in meeting your needs. What’s the solution to these issues then?

The ideal solution is to find a reliable contractor to rectify the issues with your paved surfaces. Who’s a reliable contractor, and how do you find one?

Below is a guide to finding a reliable contractor for your asphalt surface:

1. Look At Their Experience

Experience refers to the practical know-how of a given line of work, such as asphalt surfacing. It’s important to consider it since it determines the quality of work you’ll get at the end of the day. Experience allows you to master service provision, bettering your services. Therefore, your chosen contractor must have experience.

There are many ways to handle asphalt surfacing. You can seal a road surface without redoing the road, a process referred to as an overlay. Alternatively, you can remove the existing surface and replace it with a new layer. The ideal contractor is one who’s conversant with all the processes. Your road surface or pavement will determine the best approach to take. Therefore, depending on the needs, the contractor should be able to execute any of the options. 

An asphalt contractor can claim they have the experience for the job, which might not be true. It’d help to inquire about previous projects they’ve worked on; a portfolio should accompany this claim. Also, ensure they’ve offered their services for a long period; five years and more is recommended.

2. Work With Recommendations

During your search for an asphalt resurfacing contractor, you’ll find many exist, e.g., asphalt surfacing examples here. It makes the process more challenging. Hence, it’s advisable to work with recommendations. They narrow down the search.

There are many sources you can use for this; it could be your family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours. Ensure they’ve sought asphalt surfacing services previously. It’s the only way to get a reliable list of options since you’re more or less assured of the services you’ll get from them.

With the list at hand, ensure to do further probing. The suggested contractors might have been good for your friend, but are they the right ones for you? It’s the answer you need to find.

Consider looking at the reviews of the contractors suggested. You can find this information online with a general web search or on the contractor’s company website. A reliable contractor is one with more positive than negative reviews.

3. Consider Costs

How much will the project cost? It’s an answer you need to find to settle for a reliable contractor. A reliable contractor will be transparent about pricing; you don’t want to incur additional costs later in the project.

Therefore, start by determining your region’s average cost of asphalt resurfacing. Suppose you live in the United Kingdom. Most contractors will charge between GBP£50 and GBP£100 per square meter. However, acknowledge that this figure also depends on other aspects like the number of repairs and the materials you’re using.    

Next, find an affordable contractor whose charges don’t deviate too much from the average cost of such a project. It’s best to request quotes from several asphalt resurfacing contractors to make a comparison. Settle for the one whose quote is close to the average cost. As you do this, please don’t be tempted to settle for low costs. There’s a possibility of substandard work, which you want to avoid.

4. Ensure Appropriate Documentation

The right documentation is important in ensuring a smooth project process. In this case, the appropriate documentation is a license and insurance coverage.

A license ascertains the construction consultant has undergone the necessary training. Therefore, they know what they’re doing and won’t execute the project through trial and error. A reliable contractor will have an up-to-date license. With the rise in quack contractors, verify the contractor’s legitimacy online. There are contractor registering bodies that list licensed contractors online. Your chosen contractor should be on this list.

An insurance cover is the next relevant document. It’ll help cater to liabilities that arise during the project execution. Should the contractor damage your property or get injured, general liability and workman’s compensation cover will come in handy, respectively. Hence, ensure your chosen contractor has the appropriate insurance coverage.


Asphalt surfacing is a process that requires experts to execute it. It’s the only way to ensure a successful process and a long-lasting solution. The discussion above highlights the tips for finding a reliable contractor for these services. These tips revolve around quality services and affordability. Be sure to adopt them as you embark on your asphalt resurfacing project.

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