The Top Signs That Your Metal Windows Need Repair

Your home’s energy efficiency can be affected by different factors. Of course, we want our homes and dwelling places to be as safe and warm as possible, but if you have draughts coming through the windows or window breaks and damage, this can have a big impact on your energy efficiency – not to mention your utility bill, which can greatly increase! If you have old windows that come with a period home or historic property, they can be a bigger culprit. But sometimes, it’s difficult to see at first glance whether or not your windows need to be repaired or replaced, so how can you tell? Following are the top signs that your metal windows need repair.

1. Broken or chipped panes

The first sign that your metal windows need to be repaired is obvious – if they have broken or chipped window panes. Even if the panes of the window have big or small cracks, this can drastically affect your property’s energy efficiency. In addition, it could signal the beginning of draughts, and you can even hear the increased outdoor noise. Aside from this, the windows’ strength will be compromised.

Whether your windows were cracked because of vandals, the weather, or other causes, they must be replaced right away. It is especially true if you have moved into a period property. Period properties often have damaged windows due to normal wear and tear, but if those windows are not replaced, they could cause worsening draughts and cause your energy bills to skyrocket. For instance, if you have been lucky enough to move into an Art Deco property complete with Art Dec windows, the tiniest crack in those windows could easily worsen and become bigger – so your best bet would be to replace them. Fortunately, some window installers and manufacturers specialise in various window treatments, so you’ll be getting excellent service and will have windows that are as good as new.

2. Loose frames

If your window frames have cracked or loosened, it is easy to spot this – and it is also one main reason why windows are repaired or replaced. For instance, it is common for old metal windows to exhibit signs of rust or corrosion – and often, the issue is easily treatable, especially if it is just on the surface (a cosmetic issue). But if the window frame is loose or has popped out of its fitting, this could mean more damage to the window frame. It could significantly affect your energy efficiency, and your monthly utility bills would certainly increase. If the frame has severely loosened, it could even be dangerous for those living within the property.

3. Frames that are leaking

It’s inherently normal for your home to get bruised and battered during the autumn and winter seasons. But it’s another matter if your window frames have begun to leak – this means rain is coming through, and the window sills are becoming wet. For windows leaking, the issue often comes from the frame, not the windowpane. It’s best if you could have a professional check the damage to the window; they will determine if it is a case of caulking that needs replacement or a more serious issue. If you have old windows that come with a period home or historic property, they can be a bigger culprit. To address these issues effectively, consider getting a windows ticket to assess and upgrade your windows, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and cost savings.

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