7 Fantastic Office Room Divider Ideas

For a long time, drywalls have been the easiest way to separate available space for more efficient use. However, things have changed now, and there are more creative ways to divide an office room.

Today, commercial fit-out companies use different kinds of materials for room dividers. From plaster partitioning wall to salvaged windows and folding doors, how you create privacy or designated spaces within your office develop creativity.

Here, we are sharing 7 creative ideas for an office room divider.

Try DIY panels 

Some excellent modular options are available if you are interested in building a partitioning wall or room divided on your own. Several companies offer ready-made or module room dividers that you can use to section off spaces within your office room easily. These modular structures are available in several materials and designs, so you can always choose one that fits your office decor requirements.

Slatted wooden fins

If you hire commercial fit-out companies, they suggest using slated wooden fins before creating a partitioning wall. Such a partition creates impressive personal space without blocking off an office room area visually. The gaps between the wooden slats allow light and area to pass freely. This creates a healthy and conducive space. You can effortlessly glam up such a room divider with a few lights.

Salvaged window room divider 

Office spaces are more exciting and exciting places. Companies encourage bolder and more creative interiors to stimulate employees’ out-of-the-box thinking. If your workplace is a creative space, you can experiment with salvaged window frames to create a room divider. All you have to do is to install two eye bolts to the window frame as attachment points and then, using a wire or chain, hang it in place with corresponding bolts on the ceiling.

Try a half-height partition wall

A whole partitioning wall might create a more private space, but it also isolates the room. You can try half height partition wall to create zones within the office room without blocking the view or light. This is a great way to create a partition in a smaller space where an entire wall might become overwhelming.


There is no rule that you cannot use organic breathing objects like plants to create a partitioning wallCommercial fit-out companies offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to create zones in the office space using plants as room dividers.

Wood folding screens with acrylic light panels 

Next, you can try these panels to divide the office room without using much space. Such folding screens can be created from lightweight wood and are excellent for small office spaces.

Floor-to-Ceiling sliding doors 

If you need a highly isolated space within your office that is not interrupted by people or too much noise, you can create a room divider using floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. Compared to other options on the list, it usually has a higher cost but offers maximum privacy.


We hope you have several options to choose from if you create a room divider for your office space. While partitioning wall remains the most obvious choice, the creative ways listed here are even better.

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