Designing a Kitchen for Small Spaces | Tips & Tricks on How to Construct Your Dream Kitchen

Make the Most of your Small Kitchen Space!

Everyone wants their dream kitchen to look exactly how they have always pictured it however these dreams can be quickly shattered when the kitchen designer tells you that your kitchen is too small and you will be limited to squeezing everything into it.

Now, it doesn’t have to be like this!

So if your heart has been broken by a kitchen designer who has told you, you will never achieve the greatness you have dreamt of, get ready with some super glue because we’re putting your shattered heart back together and building the kitchen of your dreams.

Before we progress we must state that we are not miracle makers and a small kitchen will always be a small kitchen. So apologies if you were planning to move into your new mansion after reading this blog!

However, what we can promise is that this blog will help you make the most out of the minimal kitchen space you do have with some clever and effective kitchen design tricks that will allow you to fit all the domestic appliances, cupboards, units and maybe even an island into your small kitchen space!

Maximise Storage Space

Firstly the most important step is to ensure that the kitchen design for your small kitchen space makes the most out of all the space available. This is where you will need to get clever and think of smart ways to make room for additional things you would like in your kitchen.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by maximising the use of storage space. Storage options are always a hard thing to account for when designing a new kitchen with limited space but by incorporating some nifty little tricks you can make space to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t feel cramped and overwhelmed by loose pots and pans sprawled across the countertops.

Here are some of our favourite ways to maximise storage space:

  • Utilize storage baskets such as using wire stacking bins over fruit bowls for food storage
  • Organize your plates and lids with a divider that tidies up and makes room within your cupboards
  • Use dividers to stack pots and pans on top of each other 
  • Make use of cabinet doors with hooks and storage compartments to put baking trays and chopping boards 
  • Keep cutlery organised in compartments in a drawer
  • Hang up cooking utensils on hooks

Embrace Minimalism

Sometimes being simplistic and embracing minimalism is the key to achieving the perfect aesthetic and design within your kitchen space. Keeping your kitchen simple and not over-complicating things can sometimes be the key to creating the best-looking kitchen possible with the space you have available within your home.

The best way to embrace minimalism within your new kitchen design is by first ensuring that there is no clutter. This is easily avoided and goes hand in hand with ensuring that you maximise storage space to your advantage to help you make space for the things that matter in your small kitchen space.

This can be done by getting rid of pointless and unnecessary utensils such as old cooking books and cleaning up the worktop counters so it doesn’t contain items such as space-consuming large fruit bowls.

Another way to embrace minimalism is by ditching the extra pointless kitchen items and only having the kitchen necessities available for your own use. This way you can design the kitchen so it does not need to include space for these pointless kitchen items you never use and you can actually design the kitchen so you can make the best use of the space.

Choose the right appliances

Choosing the right appliances for your small kitchen space is a vital part of making the most of your limited kitchen space. If you imagine that a single appliance can take up a great proportion of your kitchen so if you are limited in space it is important that you choose wisely.

Some of the appliances that we recommend you choose for your small kitchen space are integrated appliances, under-counter appliances and appliances that have dual functions, like a space-saving garlic press. Integrated fridge freezers are a great choice as they are built into your kitchen design taking up less space and also have a dual function so you do not have to waste unnecessary space on a separate free-standing fridge and freezer.

Another space-saving appliance is a cooker which includes an oven and a hob connected together. This provides a more compact design meaning that you do not have to find space for two different cooking appliances. 

Furthermore, if you are looking to do the laundry, one of the best space-saving appliances is a washer dryer that allows you to wash and dry clothes in one appliance. This helps to save a lot of space over choosing both a washing machine and tumble dryer that would take up a lot of space.


To conclude, when space is at a premium it is important to consider what you value within your kitchen when it comes to the type of appliances, storage space, kitchen units and your overall kitchen design and aesthetics. 

It is always worth considering what you want as a priority and although there may have to be some compromises to some of your overall kitchen ideas by making the most out of your kitchen space you can find compromises that still allow you to achieve the overall dream design that you wanted to build from the get-go!

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