Types Of Crane Attachments & Everything You Need To Know

Choosing the right crane attachments for a job is an essential part of ensuring that it is done safely and efficiently. Different types of crane attachments are available for different applications, depending on the nature of the job that needs to be done. For instance, a lifting beam might be needed for a job that involves lifting large and/or heavy objects, while a spreader beam might be used for a job that requires precise positioning of a load. Other attachments such as grabs, magnets, and hooks can also be used to help with a variety of tasks. It is important to ensure that the right attachment is used for the job, as this can make all the difference in terms of safety and efficiency.

Finding The Right Type Of Crane Attachment For The Job

It is important to select the right crane accessory for your job. The right tool can help you save time and money while getting the most out of your investment. Additionally, make sure to be mindful of safety when using crane attachments. Wrong use of the equipment can lead to accidents, so always abide by the manufacturer’s maximum weight limits and never use an attachment for anything other than its designed purpose.

Crane attachments have distinct purposes and are intended for certain tasks. Clamshell buckets are the best for excavating and moving small objects like rocks, soil, and debris due to their shape. Polyp grapples or “orange peel” grapples are meant for larger items like scrap metal, tires, and other metal recyclables.

Ritespec Clamshell Bucket

Ritespec clamshell buckets are a great choice for construction projects including excavation, clearing land, or transporting hefty amounts of material. They are aptly named for their two-piece bucket design that creates a ‘clam’ shape when digging and removing materials. Their strength in rough and abrasive conditions is unmatched, with their strong construction and reinforced buckets.


Forks are a type of crane attachment made for lifting, transporting, and positioning different materials. They have numerous large teeth which make them perfect for shifting around loose substances. They are extremely versatile and can be utilised in many industries, such as agriculture for carting manure or the recycling business for taking care of material.

Hydraulic Hooks & Links

Hydraulic hooks and links are a type of lifting equipment used in a variety of industries to move and handle heavy objects. They are commonly used with lorry loader cranes to lift, load and unload a wide range of objects and materials, such as construction materials, cargo, and agricultural equipment. Hydraulic hooks and links can be adapted to any type of lifting application, from light to heavy loads, and are designed to provide safe and efficient lifting and transportation of heavy objects. Hydraulic hooks and links are made of sturdy materials such as steel and aluminum, and they can be used in a variety of harsh environments, including outdoors and in extreme weather conditions. They are also reliable and easy to use, making them the perfect choice for any industry that needs to move and handle heavy objects.

Brick Grapples

Brick grapples provide an efficient solution for quickly lifting and transporting stacks of bricks from one location to another. These tools consist of two rubber-lined clamps that attach to either side of the cargo and securely hold it in place while being moved. This type of equipment is generally used in the building and construction industry.

Polyp Grabs

A polyp grab is a very useful crane attachment that can be used to lift a variety of different materials, such as scrap, urban waste, construction materials, and tires. Its unique claw design allows it to penetrate into the material, giving it a secure grip. Polyp grabs are commonly used in clearance industries, scrap yards, recycling centers, and construction sites.

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