Should I Install A Septic Tank At My House Or Business?

Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to septic tanks. A septic tank is a drainage solution for properties and buildings not attached to the main sewer. All sewage from the property goes into the septic tank, where it is left to sit until the solids form a sludge at the base and the liquids can run through an outlet pipe into the ground.

The septic tank’s main purpose is to hold sewage from the house and allow floatable matter and solids to be separated from the wastewater. As of 2020, it is now a legal requirement for this wastewater to be slowly released into the soil of a specific drainage site.

What is the best time to install a septic tank? And how does the tank emptying process work?

Is A Septic Tank Really Necessary?

Septic tanks are most commonly found in rural areas. A strong indicator that you may have or may need a septic tank will be if your neighbours have one, or if you find that you are not on a standard water meter for your property. Around 10% of all homes in the UK use a septic tank.

As of 2020, it is now against the law to release septic tank wastewater into rivers, streams, or other surface water sources. Owners must either connect to a mains sewer or install a drainage field system that allows the septic tank to drain into the ground.

When To Consider Tank Emptying Services

If you have a septic tank and it’s causing flooding or your toilet is blocked, you may need a septic tank emptying service. This involves a septic tank professional coming and pumping out your septic tank, removing the solid waste and matter which has collected inside the tank.

Your septic tank is used heavily every day, managing water from the bathroom, kitchen drains, and laundry. Without regular servicing and emptying, things can go wrong quickly.

To find a suitable septic tank emptying service in your local area, give it a quick Google and take a look at the businesses around you. We suggest taking a look at their reviews, and analysing how other consumers have found their experience with a business, helping you to find the perfect company for you.

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