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How Effective Are PVC Strip Curtains?

If you have ever been to cold storages, warehouses or industrial factories, you must have seen transparent curtains that hang from the doors and act as a barrier, preventing the unwanted entry and exit of elements and noise. These curtains are PVC strip curtains or vinyl strip doors. If you own a cold store, warehouse or factory, sooner or later you will have to invest in these curtains. But before that, let’s see what effects these curtains have and why we say you need them.

Introducing PVC strip curtains

Before we talk about the effects of PVC strip curtains, we will talk about their history. At first, these curtains were used to maintain the temperature in cold stores, but since they passed the test, they improved over time and found more uses. In the following article, we talked more about the effectiveness of PVC curtains in various industries and discussed its effects.

The role of PVC strip curtains in temperature control

The first impression and one of the main purposes of PVC strip curtains is temperature control. You must know how critical it is for some facilities to maintain a certain temperature. For example, think of cold stores or food processing factories, what disaster will happen if the temperature inside them is not controlled. Or even climate control warehouses, which if their temperature is not controlled and temperature fluctuations and exchange are not prevented, their performance will be disrupted. So let’s say that PVC strip curtains in industry and environment save energy and reduce heating or cooling. But all this is if you choose the PVC material and the thickness of the strip correctly.

Reduce dust and debris with PVC strip curtains

Some environments such as production workshops, factories or warehouses are prone to create dust. Therefore, the work of PVC strip curtains in the environment is to prevent the passage of airborne particles. These curtains help maintain hygiene standards and sensitive equipment. In this way, they prevent dust and garbage from entering clean areas, and as a result, they improve air quality. There are some types of PVC strip curtains that are anti-electric. That is, they prevent the creation of static electricity, which is dangerous in certain industrial environments.

PVC strip curtains are soundproof

Manufacturing environments and factories are usually noisy. Therefore, we must use soundproofing materials and shields so that the loud noise does not harm the ears of the employees who travel to and from the production site. Fortunately, another advantage of PVC strip curtains is sound insulation. By using these curtains, the transmission of sound waves is reduced. When the tranquility of the work space increases, the comfort and productivity of the employees naturally increases. The important thing that you should pay attention to is to choose the thickness and density of the PVC strips correctly so that the noise is reduced to a good extent.

Pest control

In industry and agriculture, there are a number of facilities that face the risk of pest infestation. Before the invention and widespread use of PVC strip curtains, this problem was very difficult to control, but nowadays it is enough to curtain the area around the target area to prevent the entry of pests, and in this way, the stored goods, equipment and products are free from pollution.

PVC strip curtains provide visibility and safety for employees

We said above that one of the main functions of PVC strip curtains is to create a barrier. But what distinguishes these curtains from other physical barriers in the industry is that these curtains are transparent and do not block the view. This transparency is especially important in environments where safety is a priority. Because it prevents collisions and possible injuries. Of course, in order to provide a clear view for employees, you should go for those PVC curtains that have been carefully monitored on their manufacturing process, such PVC strip curtains by Arrow, which create great visual clarity for pedestrians.

PVC strip curtains increase flexibility and accessibility

It seems very tempting to have a barrier that is functionally flexible and provides adequate access. The good news is that PVC strip curtains are flexible and available! These strips allow people and vehicles to come and go easily and, in a word, simplify the work flow. In addition, they can be installed and repaired quickly. This feature is especially ideal for dynamic environments that need to be frequently decorated.

PVC strip curtains are cheap and affordable

So far, we have understood the functions of these curtains, but what will surprise you the most is the price of these curtains. We must say that PVC strip curtains are cheaper than traditional doors or other solid barriers. Why? It is simple because they are made for different applications. In fact, PVC strip curtains have a relatively low initial cost and are an ideal option for businesses that are looking for optimization, efficiency and reducing additional costs. Especially since in addition to all these, they are durable and resistant, and in case of failure, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to replace and repair them.

Limitations and considerations you should know about PVC strip curtains

 So far, we have talked about the advantages of PVC strip curtains, but what about their limitations and considerations? Yes! Unfortunately, these curtains are not so perfect:

Maintenance; If you want PVC strip curtains to perform optimally and increase their lifespan, you should clean them and service them once in a while. Unfortunately, if you do not clean them well and do not maintain them properly, dirt, debris or damage will destroy their effectiveness.

Check the material of PVC curtains carefully; If you want to create certain environmental conditions and requirements with the help of these curtains, you must choose the PVC material and the thickness of the strips correctly. Generally speaking, you should consider factors such as temperature range, chemical exposure, UV resistance, and flexibility when choosing materials.

Remember that PVC strip curtains also have environmental effects; PVC strip curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material we mentioned is a synthetic plastic material that is of concern to the environment due to its production process and possible toxicity. Therefore, you should also consider environmentally friendly alternatives or recycling options to reduce your environmental impact.

Effectiveness in extreme conditions; Honestly, PVC strip curtains perform well in moderate temperature range and normal industrial environments, but you should know that their performance may be impaired in extreme conditions such as very high or low temperatures, strong winds, etc. This means that you need to do more to improve their performance in such situations.

In general, if we want to summarize our content, we should say that: PVC strip curtains for temperature control, dust reduction, sound insulation, pest control, visibility, safety, flexibility and affordability in a wide range of applications get a very good score. But remember that for the maximum performance of these curtains, you must take good care of them, choose the right materials, and finally and most importantly: pay attention to the harmful effects of the environment and their limitations!