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Tips on How to Select Modern Skirting Boards for Your Home


Contemporary interiors call for décor that’s minimal yet chic. Skirting is a simple way to facelift the floors, walls, doors, and windows of your house. Investing in such interior moldings not only perks up the home interiors but simultaneously hides any construction flaws that would otherwise surface along the walls, floor, or other visible areas in your house. 

The growing demand for such smart hacks to refurbish the house has resulted in a flood of skirting ideas in the market. This can be daunting; especially if this is the first time you are planning to get it done. We have made it easy with a few handy tips. For those you want to spruce up their home, you must have a look at the modern skirting board designs that can elegantly enliven your living space. Making the right choice can give your house a long-lasting finish. 

Things to consider when deciding on the skirting designs 

Skirting isn’t as elaborate as painting the house or deconstructing and rebuilding walls, but it does involve a fair amount of labor in removing the old one and cladding it anew. Depending on your budget, you can either invest in low-budget skirting or opt for lavish ones. 

It isn’t unusual to find children scraping the boards with toys or colors. Sometimes pets could also playfully make scratch marks on the boards. Investing in simple skirts that can be easily replaced would make a sensible choice in such cases. All you would need is to pick a design that complements the overall scheme of your interiors. 

Start by asking yourself why you want to install new skirts and which type would befit your needs and preference. You might simply consider updating the existing design by little touch-ups or have a completely new design.

If you decide on a design overhaul so that your space looks completely new, you might need to look at the details. For instance, make sure to get a gauge of what dimensions would go best with your home. Also, consider the texture, material, etc. 

What do modern skirting boards look like?

Well, these are usually slenderer with lesser details than their classic counterparts. The modern boards can be done using simple shapes. You can keep the theme linear through the architraves to the doors.

For the color, you can either leave them natural or paint the skirting boards to match the wall color. The latte style does render a contemporary feel to the whole thing. However, if you don’t want the boards to vanish into the walls, a polished timber board can make the board stand out. Find check ideas on how you can paint your skirting boards at https://www.wikihow.com/Paint-Skirting-Boards

If you aren’t comfortable painting your own skirting board or home, then house painters in Hawthorn or painters wherever you live will be able to take care of the painting for you. Painting your entire home by yourself can seem enticing with the savings you may incur, but if you aren’t confident with your painting skills, you may waste resources and your precious time.

Why does the size matter?

The height of the skirting is an important factor that needs to be kept in mind. An overtly smaller or bigger design can ruin the theme of your home décor. Common modern styles include square-edged designs, bullnose skirts, and a variety of sleek designs.

A house with more members or frequent visitors might be better off with a skirting that’s taller than the standard-sized ones. This would act as a shield saving your paint or wallpaper from any external damage. 

Make sure that the boards don’t look out of proportion. Take the size of your room into consideration when deciding on the skirts. For instance, taller boards go well with higher ceilings and vice-versa. This helps in maintaining a visual balance in the room. 

Skirting boards are priced differently and that can make a big difference to its quality as well. When buying them include both the cost of purchase and fitting into consideration. Also, some designs and profiles demand higher maintenance such as Timber. On an average, MDF boards are prone to warping faster. They can develop cracks although they make a relatively pocket-friendly option to go with.

It’s best to discuss the pros and cons of specific fittings with your store to prevent unpleasant surprises. Seek two to three quotations from your local vendor to ensure you are the highest quality of skirts at the best price. If you think the job needs expertise and isn’t your thing, hiring a professional would be a good idea.