The Ultimate Combination Ladder Guide

The perfect piece of equipment for any homeowner, DIY enthusiast and even a wide variety of tradespeople is a combination ladder.  A combination ladder is a portable ladder, which can be converted into a step ladder, extension ladder and even a stairway and trestle ladder with the use of simple mechanisms.

It can be a challenging task when buying a combination ladder because there are so many on the market and each ladder can be used in various ways, this article will show you the ultimate combination ladders out there at the moment and help you select the right combination ladder for you.

What do you need from your Combination Ladder?

How many different roles do you want to be able to turn your ladder into?

3, 4, and even 6? You can opt to spend more money on a 6-way ladder compared to a 3-way ladder to save time and money in the long run, depending on the number of jobs you are planning on using your combination ladder for.

A 3-way ladder is typically a hybrid ladder that can be turned into a step ladder, a leaning ladder and an extension ladder. It is possible to turn a 4-way ladder into a step ladder, a stairway ladder, an extension ladder and a free-standing ladder. Whereas a 6-way ladder can be used as a stairway ladder, trestle step, single, double and triple extension ladder and lastly it can also be used as a classic step ladder. It’s everything you could possibly need, all in one piece of equipment.

Using your Combination Ladder on the Stairs?

One of the main questions people ask when looking to purchase a combination ladder is whether it can be used on stairs. Be sure to check the specifications carefully before choosing your combination ladder if you are looking to use it on stairs, as not all of them will work.

Uneven Ground?

If you are likely to be using your outside in your garden or you are using it for commercial purposes, it’s common that you will have to deal with uneven ground. You can use handy ladder accessories like a ladder mat to balance uneven surfaces or even better than that you can purchase a combination ladder with levelling features such as adjustable stabiliser bars and legs, giving you extra reassurance when working at height.

Used against a wall

Setting up a ladder safely is essential to protect yourself from falls. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the recommended angle for your ladder should be 75° so that the ladder’s base is set away from the wall at one-quarter of the ladder’s working length. This is often referred to as the 1 to 4 rule and is essential to ladder safety. To ensure you have the correct angle, use a measuring tape or stand with your feet against the base and hold one arm forward – if it’s at the correct angle, you should be able to touch its rungs at shoulder height. Failing to position your ladder correctly is often a cause of accidents, so ensure you get it right for your safety!

What is the height you need to achieve?

Combination ladders are designed with multiple tasks in mind and therefore they come in a variety of different heights. When choosing the best combination ladder for a task, one of the first considerations is to estimate the maximum height you need.

Remember: You are advised to never work above to the top three rungs of a ladder to ensure optimum protection while operating on a ladder, so take this into account when checking the safe standing heights of your ladder.

In the House, for on-site or DIY use?

To ensure that they are safe to use either for light use in the home or for regular use on a construction site, please make sure to look out for the EN131 standard. Purchasing a ladder to this standard ensures that it has gone through UK standard quality control measures as well as rigorous testing, for optimal safety. DIY users can purchase an EN131:Non-Professional classification or for trade or construction the EN131:Professional classification is the way to go.

Requires Less Storage Space

One of the huge particle features of a combination ladder is that you will only need storage space for one ladder instead of several ladders, as a combination ladder can achieve the job of many ladders, which saves storage space. Most combination ladders also fold down to make it easy to store and transport them.

If you want to make the most out of the time and money you have to complete those little tasks around your home or make your job that little bit easier then we recommend you purchase yourself a combination ladder!

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