Our Guide to Hiring a Mini Digger

A mini excavator – often referred to as a mini digger – is a fantastic piece of equipment designed for convenient site excavations on a smaller scale. Created for ease of use, these machines provide superior comfort and power on sites with limited space.

If you need to make an excavation on your self-build site – for example, when making space for a patio or levelling a garden – then a mini digger is the right tool for the job.

How a mini digger works

Most mini diggers consist of a single cab sitting atop an undercarriage driven by tracks, just like a regular digger. On the business end of the excavator is the bucket itself, which is mechanised via the digger’s arm and controlled by the driver.

Rent from a local plant hire

Naturally, the best way to get your hands on a mini digger for your self-build is to hire one from a plant hire company. Many plant hires offer flexible hire options, so you can make the hiring period work with your schedule.

Renting locally will also drive down the cost somewhat, as you will be charged for the transportation of the digger between the depot and your site – something to keep in mind.

Be sure to get the right size

Another factor in the hire cost is the size of the mini digger you go for. Getting the right digger for the job can be daunting if you don’t have prior experience in what to look for, so you should consult a professional and relay your needs to them – in turn, they will be able to advise you on the right tool for the job at hand.

Can I operate a mini digger myself?

Part of a mini excavator’s appeal is that they’re fairly simple to get to grips with. They don’t even require any sort of license by law if they’re not being driven on public roads, meaning that as long as you have been properly instructed on their use and read the manual, you’re legally able to operate it yourself on a work site.

That’s not to say we don’t advise comprehensive training before using one – it’s still heavy machinery and as such can cause damage if not used properly. If you’re ever in doubt, be sure to hire an experienced operator alongside the digger itself.

Beware of underground structures

The major thing to be wary of when operating a mini digger is the potential for hitting any underground structures during your excavation, such as water pipes or electrical cables. It is possible you may need to use suction excavators to help clear the area. Consult any site plans you have to avoid hitting these structures and always dig cautiously at first.

Final thoughts

Mini diggers are a vital and game-changing tool in self-building due largely to their manoeuvrability and ease of use. If you have little or no experience operating one yourself, Tiger Plant has the option of hiring an operator alongside their available mini diggers at an additional cost – so if you need a mini digger in the South West of England, they are a great choice.

All in all, a mini digger can be a game-changing tool in your self-building arsenal – and hiring one through a plant hire makes utilising one easier than ever

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