Learn the Latest News on Silverstone Lands’ Ripon Spa Building, the University of Salford’s See Building, Manchester’s £250m Tropical Resort, and the New ‘bold’ Building Policies

The Ripon Spa Hotel will undergo a multi-million pound makeover under the direction of Silverstone Building Consultancy. North Eastern companies are working together to improve the cathedral city venue in North Yorkshire. Meanwhile, the University of Salford has, for a very long time, placed a strong focus on group work and cooperation. On the other hand, the current EventCity location is going to be cleared out in order to make way for the construction of the first city-based wellness water resort in the United Kingdom to be located in Manchester. In order to make room for the well-known tropical complex, Peel L&P is considering tearing down the abandoned old soccer dome that is situated on Barton Dock Road. This would clear the way for the complex. In addition, according to the Federation of Master Builders, the United Kingdom’s construction industry should heed this “wake-up call” and implement “bold” new regulations as a direct result of the sector’s second consecutive quarterly decline (FMB).

Silverstone lands Ripon Spa building after the Inn Collection buyout

Original Source: Major Ripon Spa construction project landed by Silverstone after Inn Collection buy-out

Silverstone Building Consultancy will handle the multimillion-pound Ripon Spa Hotel renovation.

The 43-room Edwardian hotel in the cathedral city was acquired by Northumberland’s The Inn Collection Group in 2021. It features a ballroom, a terrace bar, and a self-contained cafe. Ripon’s racecourse is close to Lightwater Valley, Fountains Abbey, and Newby Hall.

Silverstone is a Newcastle and Leeds-based firm of building surveyors and project managers.

After investing a year, Inn Collection Group expects to expand in size.

Ben Rennocks, director at the Leeds office, said, “We have a long-standing relationship with The Inn Collection Group. We were initially brought in to act as project manager, preparing pre-tender estimates, managing planning permission, and appointing a contractor and design team on behalf of the client.

“In addition to project management, we’re now contract administrators.” The principal contractor, STP Construction, was selected after a competitive bidding process. The hotel will undergo internal and external renovations for 40 weeks. “The Inn Collection Group’s high-quality renovations will benefit guests.”

The Inn Collection Group’s property director is thrilled to work with Silverstone Building Consultancy again. “We’ve collaborated on many initiatives and hope to continue our ‘eat, drink, sleep, explore’ brand with its aid.” “Its crew shares our commitment to high standards and has a track record of great renovations.”

The University of Salford’s SEE Building

Original Source: Partnership done right: University of Salford’s SEE Building

It’s important to hire contractors with experience in collaborative projects and an instinctive feel for your aims, explains Jason Challender of the University of Salford.

The University of Salford has long emphasised teamwork and collaboration. It benefits our students and the regional economy, as shown by our university-wide industrial engagement plan.

We seek out collaborative industry partners for campus building design and construction.

This was a requirement for contractors on our £65m Science, Engineering, and Environmental Building, or SEE Building – our largest building project in over a decade.

At the heart of the university’s main campus, this new discovery and innovation hub houses academic departments in the built environment, science, computing, and engineering.

Four-story, 166,800 sq ft facility will support cutting-edge projects. Because of its creative focus, we decided to use green technology in the SEE Building.

It was crucial to find a building industry partner who could help us achieve our goals.

We chose the North West Construction Hub framework for its strong collaborative attitude and dedication to social value. The winner was Morgan Sindall Construction.


Morgan Sindall Construction was already collaborating with us to improve the employability of undergraduates by integrating academic knowledge of industry trends with real-world experience.

Morgan Sindall Construction specialists host site visits, workshops, and lectures for students. Multidisciplinary student teams have also received experienced help on project design, planning, costing, and development from them.

Our two organisations’ good relationship has become stronger with the SEE Building.

Early start

We could foresee and address issues by working closely with Morgan Sindall Construction from the start of the project. Morgan Sindall Construction led us through pre-construction, innovating to save money without compromising quality.

We embraced partnership and cooperation. These ideals are often praised, yet our connection is based on trust. It was established on the principles of transparent budgets, early problem-solving, and mutual trust.

As a consequence of early engagement and constructive collaboration between all project partners, development started on track, on budget, with important milestones and targets accomplished – despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Close contact

Building projects are more efficient without the us-vs-them dynamic. From the start, the university and Morgan Sindall Construction teams worked together.

The university campus was fully accessible to Morgan Sindall Construction and its supply chain — catering, recreational facilities, parking, everything.

As we shared an office, contact was constant. When needed, we had meetings, but otherwise we worked as a team. This ensured a shared objective and an unfettered flow of information.

Seamless handoff

Involving facilities management from the start should make the handover smoother. Our FM crew is small, so we didn’t want them to feel overwhelmed. Morgan Sindall Construction involved them throughout the construction process so they could grasp the building’s workings before taking control.

Universities invest heavily in cutting-edge facilities, so working closely with building partners is crucial.

In a month, we’ll launch the SEE Building, a 100% electric new-build with sustainable, intelligent architecture. Because the team adapted each floor to varied needs, we have a flexible environment shaped by our knowledge and experience.

Daily collaboration occurs in the building’s labs and shared spaces. Morgan Sindall Construction remains a partner. Partnerships don’t end with a project. Relationships founded on a shared philosophy are the most beneficial.

Manchester’s £250m tropical resort will begin construction

Original Source: Enabling works to start at £250m Manchester tropical resort

Peel L&P proposes to demolish the abandoned former Soccerdome on Barton Dock Road to develop the renowned tropical complex.

Therme and Peel L&P are developing TraffordCity for $250 million.

If allowed, demolition would commence in early October and end in spring 2023.

Therme Manchester would be built on a 28-acre site in two years.

The resort has Greater Manchester’s first all-season urban beach, a “next generation” waterpark, large thermal pools, a wellness spa, immersive digital art, an onsite urban farm, and botanical gardens.

Peel L&P’s Executive Director of Development commented, “Therme Manchester is an attraction like no other, and it’s wonderful to be making preparations to bring the UK’s first resort of its kind to TraffordCity.”

Therme Group UK’s chief development officer commented, “We’re happy to have achieved this important step with Peel L&P, which heralds the start of on-site works for Therme Manchester.”

This landmark project confirms Therme’s entrance into the North. It also solidifies our aim to have 90% of the UK within easy reach of a Therme location, with future plans for Glasgow, London, and other cities.

Peel L&P is also requesting permission to destroy the derelict former Soccerdome building at Trafford Way after a new football complex with eight FA approved all-weather pitches and changing rooms opened this summer on a neighbouring three-acre area.

New ‘bold’ building policies are needed

Original Source: ‘Bold’ new policies required to kickstart building activity

The second consecutive drop in UK construction activity should be a ‘wake-up call’ for ‘bold’ new policies, says the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

Responding to the latest S&P Global / CIPS UK Construction PMI® results, the organisation called for new measures to encourage economic growth through building activity.

Brian Berry, FMB CEO, claimed the industry had returned to pandemic levels of activity. As the cost-of-living problem worsens, consumers cut back and builders pay more for materials. This is difficult and harmful.

The new Liz Truss government must take bold action. A UK-wide retrofit strategy to improve home efficiency would benefit builders and local economies. It would reduce households’ expenditures and boost energy security in the UK. “Urgently, we ask the government to abolish VAT on repair, maintenance, and enhancement work so savings can be passed on to cash-strapped consumers.”

MHA partner Joe Sullivan feels the summer holidays and government “paralysis” have slowed the building sector.

Since early 2022, the industry has maintained expansion till last month. The summer holidays and government shutdown have slowed business, especially civil engineering. It doesn’t look like the contraction will end soon.

“The top aim must be to prevent rising energy costs from generating a wave of business failures.” The next prime minister, Liz Truss, may take two immediate steps to help: reinstating the red diesel discount and providing additional support for energy-intensive elements of the economy, such as aggregate, asphalt, and cement manufacturers. These steps will reduce supply chain inflation.

The job market is tough. Skilled tradespeople increasingly shop around for the best compensation, boosting wage inflation. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) reportedly said more workers are needed to meet industry demand. When businesses focus on survival, recruitment, training, and skills development may suffer, creating future challenges.

Summary of today’s construction news

In today’s construction news, building surveyors and project managers make up the Silverstone team, which operates out of both Newcastle and Leeds. Inn Collection Group anticipates growing in size following an investment period of one year.

Additionally, this brand new discovery and innovation hub is located smack dab in the middle of the main campus of the university, and it is home to academic departments in the built environment, science, computing, and engineering.

Furthermore, TraffordCity is being developed for a total cost of $250 million by Therme and Peel L&P. If permission were granted, demolition work would begin in early October and continue until the spring of 2023. Within the next two years, Therme Manchester will be constructed on a location that encompasses 28 acres.

On top of that, the new government led by Liz Truss needs to show some courage and take action. Builders and local economies would both profit from an energy efficiency improvement plan that was implemented across the entire UK. It would lessen the financial burden placed on households while simultaneously improving the energy stability of the UK.

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