Discover the Latest News on Building and DIY Giant Closes 19 Outlets and Cuts 400 Jobs, Flintshire County Hall Awarded UK’s Ugliest Edifice, “Landmark Moment” for New Building Safety Rules After Grenfell, and Jersey Builder Camerons Ltd. Fails

In today’s news, we will look into the massive home improvement and construction company shutters 19 locations and eliminating 400 jobs. Meanwhile, County Hall in Flintshire, which has been given the distinction of being one of the ugliest structures in the Country. On the other hand, the new post-Grenfell construction safety system has reached a “landmark moment.” On top of that, the Jersey construction company Camerons Ltd. goes out of business.

Building and DIY giant closes 19 outlets and cuts 400 jobs

Original Source: Huge building and DIY brand closes 19 branches and axes 400 jobs

Last year, a huge builders retailer cut 400 workers and closed 19 shops.

Sales fell due to a development slowdown, according to Travis Perkins.

The business, which owns Toolstation, said it had to make “tough decisions” to cut expenses by £25 million this year.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, it shuttered 19 branches in its general merchant and Benchmarx divisions, resulting in 400 job losses in central support functions and site closures.

Builders and other building pros sell fence panels and paint brushes to DIY shoppers.

Travis Perkins announced a 20% drop in 2022 pre-tax profits to £245 million.

It blamed economic uncertainty, housing market problems, and rising prices.

“Given the anticipated lower levels of activity in the UK construction sector in the year ahead, management implemented a number of cost reduction steps in the fourth quarter of 2022,” stated a Travis Perkins spokeswoman.

“These adjustments indicate an acceleration of plans to modernise the business by departing smaller branches and continuing to invest in larger, more capable, destination branches.”

The firm expects the overall construction market to drop by “the mid to high single digit” in 2023, with the residential, new-build housing sector suffering the most.

It also predicted more cost pressures and mid- to high-single-digit inflation, but “no major deflation in manufactured products.”

In the second half of the year we made some difficult decisions in reaction to the worse trading climate,” said Travis Perkins CEO Nick Roberts. “We continue to remain mindful of market trends, working closely with our customers and suppliers to stay on the front foot.”

Toolstation stores may have been affected.

The UK’s largest builders merchant sells building goods and hire services to trade and non-trade clients.

More than 500 Travis Perkins branches, including 150 Benchmarx showrooms, are throughout the UK.

Toolstation distributes tools and building supplies to trade and DIY clients at over 700 locations.

As it closed 165 outlets in July 2020, the business cut 2,500 jobs.

9% of Travis Perkins’ 27,500 employees were laid off due to back office layoffs.

Travis Perkins isn’t the only trade brand to go down.

Within weeks, B&Q will close eight “mini-shops” within Asda supermarkets.

The businesses will close forever on March 11.

Instead, the DIY store will open smaller high-street locations.

The eight B&Q’s closing permanently have been listed.

Flintshire County Hall awarded UK’s ugliest edifice

Original Source: County Hall in Flintshire named among the UK’s ugliest buildings

North Wales’ faux Legoland is the building.

The UK’s “greatest eyesore” is Flintshire County Hall. Mold’s building is one of’s five ugliest UK buildings.

Three of the world’s top 10 architecture universities are in the UK, famous for its skill and creativity. Certain structures deviate from Britain’s construction reputation.

In 2020, County Hall was partially dismantled. This list supports its unattractiveness.

This 1960s British office building, nicknamed North Wales’ “Legoland,” housed Flintshire County Council. The breezeblock-like hall has symmetrical windows in wide concrete surrounds.

County Hall was substantially demolished in 2020 because it cost £1.2m to operate. The ancient Unilever office in Ewloe housed hundreds of former site employees.

“Architects have realised since the birth of construction that a structure should be practical and beautiful,” stated Matt Dahan from These designs are architectural crimes because they have lost this principle. If I were there, I wouldn’t glance up.

“Many of these buildings across the country, including Central Church in Devon, are the definition of brutalist architecture, which swept designers in the 1950s to 70s. The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh is an example of modern bad taste.

UK’s 10 ugliest buildings:

1) Birmingham – Centre City Tower

2) Glasgow – Glasgow College Building

3) Northern Ireland – Belfast City Hospital

4) Edinburgh – Scottish Parliament

5) North Wales – County Hall, Flintshire

6) London – Balfron Tower

7) Nottingham – Victoria Centre

8) Liverpool – Pier Head ferry terminal

9) Manchester – Toast Rack

10) Devon – Central Church, Torquay

“Landmark moment” for new building safety rules after Grenfell

Original Source: ‘Landmark moment’ for new post-Grenfell building safety regime

From April, those responsible for high-rise residential building safety in England have six months to register with the new Building Safety Regulator.

As the watchdog called for tall residential construction registration in England, Building Safety Regulator chief Peter Baker dubbed it a “landmark event.”

If they have two or more residences, owners of 18m-tall or seven-storey blocks must identify them to the regulator by October 1.

As the government’s post-Grenfell crackdown begins, they must also select a tower safety officer.

In April, the Building Safety Act’s monitor will begin registration. Following the Grenfell Tower fire, it was created to protect high-rise inhabitants against risky building practices in England.

“Our message is clear – industry must enhance its standards, and occupants of high-rise buildings in England must be kept safe,” said Baker, chief inspector of buildings at the Health and Safety Executive and head of the Building Safety Regulator.

“This is a milestone moment for building safety,” he said. Our attack on risky building practices will benefit from registration data.”

Before October, roughly 12,500 buildings will need to be registered.

In March, the agency will promote the requirement and the new safety regulations.

Registration was “a crucial step towards constructing a safer future for residents of high-rise buildings,” according to Health and Safety Executive chief executive Sarah Albon.

Before October, the Building Safety Regulator will lead technical building standards and have “important consultations” with industry groupings and establish a formal Industry Competence Committee.

The watchdog will publish the final standards for building control specialists and become the building control body for all “higher-risk” buildings.

The post-Grenfell building safety regulation was “taking shape at pace,” according to Build UK’s spokesperson.

They stated, “The new regime is the number one problem for the majority of Build UK members at the moment, and marks the most substantial change for the industry in a generation.”

This August, Autodesk senior industry strategist Matt Keen said contractors would play a major role in capturing digital documentation of project delivery as part of the new building safety regime.

Jersey builder Camerons Ltd. fails

Original Source: Jersey building contractor Camerons Ltd goes bust

A Jersey construction company went bankrupt.

Camerons Ltd. has stopped trading immediately and is starting formal wind-down proceedings.

Brexit, the COVID-19 epidemic, and other circumstances prompted a “period of financial trouble,” according to its board of directors.

For 66 years, the corporation erected finance buildings, schools, and other assets.

The Garenne Group, Camerons Ltd.’s parent business, cited rising interest rates, supply chain challenges, materials, and labour shortages as reasons for its closure.

“Having exhausted the options available to it to try and renegotiate the terms of a number of problematic contracts without success, and having consulted with relevant third parties and with government, the Camerons’ board feels that such a step is in the best interests of Camerons, having regard to Camerons’ creditors as a whole,” it said.

“All Camerons sites and property and assets have been secured.”

Andium Homes executive director Ian Gallichan stated Rok Construction would take over Ann Court.

“Regrettably, Camerons, the contractor here, declared themselves basically insolvent this morning and advised their staff,” he said.

“Andium took over the site and appointed Rok Construction to finish the contract.”

Camerons employed 50 people directly and many subcontractors.

Camerons and subcontractors would work on the site, Mr. Gallichan added.

The firm “asked Rok to step in promptly to pick up the direct employees and subcontractors” because it was “extremely upsetting”.

The property investment and development company Le Masurier claimed alternate arrangements had been arranged to continue building at one of its locations.

“We are still working with the building business on Merchants Square,” said managing director Brian McCarthy.

“I want to reassure purchasers, homes, and subcontractors that alternate arrangements are already in place, and building will continue as scheduled, with Le Masurier effectively stepping in immediately to complete the development.”

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed a major home improvement store eliminating 400 jobs and closing 19 locations in the previous year. Sales were down, and Travis Perkins blamed a halt in development. The company behind Toolstation has had to make “difficult decisions” to save £25 million this fiscal year.

Meanwhile, it has been said that Flintshire County Hall is the “worst eyesore” in the Nation. ranked Mold’s structure as one of the five ugliest in the United Kingdom. Built in the 1960s, this office building in Britain became known as “Legoland” in North Wales since it was home to Flintshire County Council. The hall is made up of what look like breezeblocks, with symmetrical windows set in broad concrete frames.

Furthermore, anyone in charge of residential building safety in England’s tall structures will have six months from April to register with the new Building Safety Regulator. It was a “landmark occurrence,” according to Peter Baker, chief of England’s Building Safety Authority, as he urged for registration of high-rise residential buildings.

Moreover, Camerons Ltd. has immediately ceased operations and initiated wind-down procedures. The firm has been in operation for 66 years, during which time it has built a number of financial institutions, as well as schools and other facilities. Camerons Ltd. was shut down due to increased borrowing rates, supply chain difficulties, material shortages, and a lack of available workers, all of which were mentioned by the company’s parent, the Garenne Group.

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