Why Many Schools Are Using Temporary Building Structures For Classrooms

Temporary school buildings – also commonly known as modular buildings – are a popular and hugely beneficial solution for educational facilities. They are required when extra space is needed but budget and time is restricted. This could be because of growing class sizes or department expansion. They are also a valuable solution when temporary classroom space is required during school renovations or builds. 

The benefits of temporary education buildings are wide ranging and varied. As mentioned they are fast and cost effective to set up, but they also hold other often forgotten benefits that should be considered. Let’s explore this further. 

Benefits of using Temporary Building Structures for Classrooms              

Save Money

The cost effectiveness of temporary classrooms cannot be ignored. They are by far the cheapest solution when looking for extra classroom space, so much so that it is estimated that they cost roughly 30% less than regular buildings. The refurbished double classroom from MPH Building Systems provides efficient and affordable modular construction.

They use cheaper materials such as PVC or fabric panels to keep costs down during builds, without compromising on the quality or usage. Temporary buildings remain effective at keeping heat in and can be sound proofed if necessary. The amount of materials used is often far less, and structures are pre-assembled offsite to save on labour costs.

Save Time

The building of temporary education buildings is likely to take far less time due to their simple, efficient designs. As mentioned, buildings can be constructed off site, meaning they often only need to be fabricated and furnished.

Permanent educational buildings take longer to build due to the heavier materials used and more complex designs. Temporary structures on the other are ready to use in as little as a matter of weeks.

Environmentally Friendly

An often forgotten benefit of temporary classrooms is that they are very environmentally friendly in comparison to permanent structures. It is difficult to create a building that is both kind to the environment and capable of lasting many years.

Many temporary school buildings are made of sustainable materials which are often recycled. Steel, wood, fabric and PVC are all environmentally friendly materials and are common in temporary buildings. Trusted companies will also always follow the environmental standards.    


One of the main benefits of a temporary structure is the flexibility that it allows. Not only can they be installed in a short amount of time if necessary, they are also fully flexible. Perhaps you need to move your temporary classroom whilst work is carried out, or maybe you need to expand your current temporary setup. Add, move and rearrange your temporary buildings to suit your individual needs.

You are also free to reuse temporary education buildings should you need to. Add extra amenities or expand if needed to produce space that changes with your requirements.

Provides More Space

It is common for schools to be pushed for space, especially as classroom sizes continue to grow and more departments are required. More pupils in your school may call for an expansion in the form of a temporary classroom. Even if a permanent expansion is planned, a temporary structure would still offer a good classroom solution in the meantime.

You are free to use your temporary education buildings as required. Office space, classrooms and even gyms can be built from scratch and ready to use in no time. You have the benefit of having the extra space required, at a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure.


Temporary classrooms offer a valuable solution to schools, colleges and universities that need more space. Temporary structures offer the same level of comfort to users but are more cost effective and faster to build, as well as being kinder to the environment.

Companies such as Neptunus provide high quality temporary classrooms for a range of applications. They are specialists in temporary structures and will tailor their buildings to suit your specific requirements.

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