Learn About the Construction Management Positions Added by UK Firms, Minister Fears Russian Hackers, Skilled Indian Employees Cover UK Construction Industry Gaps, and Construction Companies Were Punished After a Panel Fell on a Worker

In today’s news, we will look into the UK corporations announcing new construction management posts. Meanwhile, the minister has warned that Russian hackers intend to “disrupt or destroy” the infrastructure of the UK. On the other hand, the lack of skilled labourers in the UK construction industry is filled by workers from India. On top of that, construction businesses received fines after a worker was injured when a 124-kilogram panel fell on them.

Construction management positions are added by UK firms

Original Source: UK companies announce new construction management roles

Sisk, Avant Homes, and Tilbury Douglas have appointed construction managers.

Sisk appointed several construction management executives internally.

Newly appointed Sisk regional director of performance and engineering Dave Hill. Hill, a five-year Sisk employee, will apply his 30 years of industry knowledge.

Mike Widdicks became regional director of new sectors. Widdicks has been a contracts, framework, and business development manager for over five years.

Robin Metcalf is now North regional director for local authority and private clients. Robin is a 28-year veteran.

Robin and Tracy Galligan are now senior commercial managers. Sisk’s success is due to Galligan’s five-year tenure. Newcastle’s A19 Coast Road. Mike, Robin, and Tracy will join UK Civils regional board.

New Sisk hires will help satisfy market demands.

Dave, Mike, Robin, and Tracy—congratulations. It’s excellent to promote Sisk – UK Civils employees during this exciting moment. Over the years, our UK Civils team has grown and extended into new geographies and sectors. Dominic Hodges, MD, UK Civils, John Sisk & Son, said, “We have continuously expanded our framework coverage and client list. We can meet the evolving market with Net Zero, Digital, and MMC high on the agenda.”

Avant Homes, Tilbury Douglas, and Sisk hire construction managers.

Avant Homes hired a group marketing manager to assist their nationwide growth strategy. After two-and-a-half years as brand and communications manager at Gleeson Homes, Alicia Hattersley joined the company. Hattersley has a first-class degree in multimedia journalism from Manchester Metropolitan University and expertise in in-house and agency marketing.

Hattersley joins Avant Homes once the North West operation launches. Avant’s eighth regional office will join Scotland, Yorkshire, and the Midlands.

Hattersley said he enjoys helping individuals acquire properties through marketing.

Avant employs approximately 600 individuals and wants to expand across its regions.

“Joining Avant Homes during its rapid expansion was ideal for me. Hattersley added, “I will continue to improve our proposition, launch new campaigns, and grow our marketing team to serve our regional operating businesses.”

Tilbury Douglas names national education director

Ben Hull is Tilbury Douglas’ national education director.

Hull has over 20 years of Tilbury Douglas experience, most recently as regional design and planning manager. Hull joined the organisation as an undergraduate and has extensive industry and sector knowledge.

“It is great to see the education sector embracing recent technological advances and leading the way in several areas, including carbon reduction and modern construction methods, providing a real opportunity for construction innovation. Hull said, “My new specialised role will allow me to advance these innovations.”

“I would like to congratulate Ben on being appointed for this important role and we look forward to our continued success in the sector,” said Tilbury Douglas strategic director Andrew Jowett.

Minister fears Russian hackers intend to “disrupt or destroy” UK infrastructure

Original Source: Russian hackers want to ‘disrupt or destroy’ UK infrastructure, minister warns

Oliver Dowden, Cabinet Office secretary, to issue national notice and urge corporations to improve cybersecurity.

At a cyber conference in Belfast on Wednesday, a cabinet minister will warn that Wagner-style Russian hackers are trying to “disrupt or destroy” UK critical infrastructure.

As Russia struggles in Ukraine, the Cabinet Office minister, Oliver Dowden, will issue a nationwide alert to vital businesses.

US information revealed earlier this month warned that Russian hackers had claimed to have taken control systems for a Canadian gas pipeline at the end of February to cause an explosion.

Dowden will tell Cyber UK that revealing the threat is “not something we do lightly”. He will suggest that utilities and other essential firms must invest in cybersecurity “to defend themselves and the country”.

He will label the foes “ideologically motivated, rather than financially motivated” and say they are less likely to show restraint than nation state agents, making the scenario “particularly concerning”.

Zarya, a Russian cybercriminal outfit, claimed to have taken over the unnamed pipeline’s control systems, according to a top-secret Pentagon intelligence tidbit that leaked earlier this month. The hackers then sought guidance from the FSB.

The hackers “shared screenshots” with the FSB “alleging capability to increase valve pressure, disable alarms and initiate an emergency shutdown of an unspecified gas distribution station,” according to electronic eavesdropping.

There is no public proof that a Canadian natural-gas pipeline firm was hacked or exploded. Despite being designated US-only, the intelligence may have prevented the attack.

After encrypting vital files for Royal Mail’s overseas operations, Russian criminal hackers LockBit demanded a $80m ransom earlier this year. A transcript stolen by hackers called the requests “absurd.”

Dowden did not name any hacking groups, but the allusion to Wagner, a huge paramilitary group that is active in Ukraine, shows the UK believes efforts are being made to organise illegal hacker groups into something more permanent.

Critical national infrastructure includes gas, electricity, telecoms, postal networks, emergency services, and other essential services. An online extortion group hacked an east coast oil pipeline two years ago, temporarily shutting it down and causing petrol and jet fuel shortages.

Before and during last year’s incursion, Russian hackers attacked Ukrainian utilities. The west has helped Ukraine retain supplies, even though some cyber-attacks last autumn were paired with missile strikes on power and substations on its electrical grid.

Skilled Indian employees cover UK construction industry gaps

Original Source: Skilled Indian workers fill the gap in UK’s construction industry

In 2027, 200,000 private home starts are expected.

By 2027, the UK construction industry is predicted to earn 476.6 billion pounds. Industry projections expect building construction to remain the largest UK market segment at 239.4 billion British pounds.

However, the UK construction industry suffers ongoing skills shortages. The UK’s Chartered Institute of Building Shortage Occupation List reported 41,000 job openings between December 2022 and February 2023. Indian skilled real estate and construction employees may find great immigration prospects in the UK due to a shortage of labour.

Yash Dubal, UK visa and immigration expert and director of A Y & J Solicitors, said, “The UK realty sector continues to thrive, especially in house building, as the government has committed to build 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-decade. However, Brexit has generated a labour scarcity in the business, as builders from Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, could work freely in the UK.

Dubal continued, “With the recent addition of new trades to the shortage occupation list, we may witness more European workers entering the UK realty development industry. Indian and other skilled workers may find work in the UK’s real estate industry. I’m curious if Indian construction workers will take this road and how they’ll contribute to UK building.”

Naredco, which trains over one lakh industry workers annually, stated that India can become a major supplier of skilled workers for the global real estate and construction sector, including the UK, due to its expertise and potential to produce skilled and efficient workers.

Naredco national president Rajan Bandelkar said, “With the likely free trade agreement of India with the UK and structural changes in the UK’s visa framework, the immigration prospects for the skilled real estate workforce exploring employment opportunities in the UK might increase in the near future. India has a huge skilled workforce in construction and management, while the UK lacks skilled workers. If the UK eases visa restrictions for professional real estate workers to meet its personnel needs, skilled Indian construction workers might fill the gap and make the UK their preferred immigration destination.

In 2027, 200,000 private home starts are expected.

We are pleased that today’s budget states that the Government has accepted the MAC interim recommendations to initially add five construction occupations to the Shortage Occupation List’, said a Chartered Institute of Building spokesman.

Construction needs migration to mitigate the effects of a dynamic labour market.

“Construction faces a vacancy rate higher than the all-industry average; so it is fair to say we are in a worse position than many other industries,” said National Federation of Builders Policy Director James M. Butcher.

In addition to the skilled workers, the UK also introduced the Overseas Domestic Worker Visa, which allows domestic workers in private households to accompany their employers to the UK. This visa could further alleviate the shortage of labour in the construction sector by allowing workers more flexibility and opportunities to transition into different roles within the industry.

After a 124 kg panel fell on a worker, construction companies were punished

Original Source: Construction companies fined after 124kg panel falls on worker

Two construction companies were jailed after a 124 kg panel hospitalised a worker.

In January 2020, the man was a lift supervisor at a Jesmond, Newcastle building site on Eskdale Terrace.

He lifted a SIP with a tower crane. SIP hit steelwork and fell on a worker during hoisting.

After breaking his clavicle, shoulder blade, left ankle, and rib, he was hospitalised for 13 days.

Poor planning

Tolent Construction, the major contractor, failed to plan, supervise, and monitor construction, according to the HSE.

This prevented SIP lifting plans from being adequate.

Most critically, the lift plan does not specify how to securely lift SIPs. It neglected proximity dangers and SIP control during hoisting.

The HSE found that Clad Build UK Limited (business as SIP Build UK) designed, supplied, and installed the SIPs.

The corporation failed to plan, supervise, monitor, or teach staff on how to hoist SIPs.

Clad Build UK Limited also failed to supervise and monitor a subcontractor under its control and comply with principal contractor requests for information.

Guilty pleas

Tolent Construction Limited of Grey Street, Newcastle, admitted to violating Regulation 13 (1) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. On 17 April 2023, Newcastle Crown Court penalised the corporation £1,000 and ordered £8,468.50 in costs.

Clad Build UK Limited of Foxbridge Way, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton, West Yorkshire, admitted to violating Regulation 15(2) of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. On 17 April 2023, Newcastle Crown Court penalised the firm £12,000 and ordered £45,000 in costs.

HSE inspector Stuart Whitesmith said: “HSE will not hesitate to take enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.

This case should highlight the risks of improperly planning and executing this type of lifting operation. SIPs are widely employed in construction, therefore contractors should plan, manage, and monitor their safe installation.

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed Sisk being promoted from within to fill several executive positions in construction management. Meanwhile, Cabinet Office Secretary Oliver Dowden will issue a nationwide warning and call for increased cybersecurity measures.  On Wednesday, a cabinet minister will warn attendees of a cyber conference in Belfast that Russian hackers in the vein of Wagner are attempting to “disrupt or destroy” UK critical infrastructure.

Furthermore, a total of 200,000 new single-family residences will be built in 2027. Forecasts for the construction industry in the United Kingdom estimate revenue of £476.6 billion in 2027. The construction industry is expected to maintain its dominance in the UK market, which is now estimated at 239.4 billion British pounds.

Moreover, after a worker was injured by a 124-kilogram panel, two construction firms were sentenced to jail time. The man worked as a lift supervisor at a construction site on Eskdale Terrace in Jesmond, Newcastle in January 2020. Using a tower crane, he hoisted a SIP. During hoisting, SIP collided with steelwork and dropped, injuring a worker. It took 13 days to get him out of the hospital after he broke his clavicle, shoulder blade, left ankle, and rib.

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