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In today’s news, we will look into the Spurs were unsuccessful in their fight to the $2 billion Lendlease proposal in Tottenham. In the meantime, educate yourself on the benefits and difficulties presented by the building sector in the UK. In addition, the focus will be on construction in the UK and manufacturing in the US. In addition, Vinci UK suffers a financial setback. Vinci blamed its £44 million UK pre-tax deficit on things like Brexit, covid, the Russians, and inflation the previous year. In addition to this, the Northern Ireland-based construction company GRAHAM was awarded a contract for twenty million pounds in England. 

Tottenham Loses £2bn Lendlease Challenge

Original Source: Spurs lose challenge to £2bn Lendlease scheme in Tottenham

A High Court judge overruled Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s objections to a £2bn Lendlease development in North London.

High Road West, a mixed-use project, situated near the club’s stadium. Six tall structures and a public park will be built in a new neighbourhood.

Haringey Council chose Lendlease as development partner in 2017. After Tottenham Hotspur and Arup objected to the ideas, the scheme was approved in August last year. The club had already designed a competing site.

Haringey was sued by the club for failing to evaluate the heritage impact on North Tottenham’s conservation area and listed buildings and crowd management difficulties.

Mr Justice Pushpinder Saini dismissed the claim, saying the club’s case relied on a council “mischaracterisation of the heritage analysis”.

He said the scheme’s benefits would outweigh its risks. The public benefit planning assessment is evident. There is a defined development plan. He stated the scheme’s regenerative effects are crucial to the planning balance.

Tottenham Hotspur claimed that Lendlease could charge the club an unlimited price for stadium attendees to access White Hart Lane rail station through or surrounding its building sites with planning authorization.

The judge dismissed this claim also, adding that Haringey Council had ordered Lendlease to offer “workable” crowd access and that the club would be briefed about crowd control alongside the police and other safety organizations.

The judge noted that Haringey Council had stated that the parties must collaborate on details and give rights “on reasonable terms”.

The planning authorization established a “appropriate mechanism to ensure that the stadium’s operations would be sustainable when all parties worked together and acted reasonably while consulting key stakeholders,” the judge said. That technique was legal”.

After the ruling, Haringey Council director of placemaking and housing David Joyce said: “The decision is an endorsement that the council’s planning authority acted lawfully in granting planning permission for the scheme.

This is Haringey’s largest regeneration plan, producing 500 high-quality council houses and investing in new open spaces, community facilities, and local jobs and training. 

Joyce said the council would “continue to listen to the views of residents and local stakeholders” when finalizing project plans.

A Lendlease representative said: “High Road West will transform to provide much-needed homes, jobs, and community facilities. We look forward to working with local residents, business owners, and Haringey Council to realize that vision.”

Industry Value of UK Construction

Original Source:  The value of the UK construction industry

The UK building sector affects practically every part of society. This broad sector oversees transportation, housing, and energy. Learn about the UK construction industry’s value and challenges.

Economic impact

Construction is a major UK industry. It contributed 6.2% of the UK’s GVA (Gross Value Added) in 2022. GVA includes production expenses excluding labor.

Beyond retail, banking, and healthcare, construction is the UK’s second-most profitable business after manufacturing.


All UK infrastructure development and upkeep is done by construction. From highways to homes and offices, the industry improves our lives.

In 2021, infrastructure growth soared £7.3 billion above 2020. £5.6 billion went to road development, and the balance to train transport. HS2, a railway project to connect Midlands and northern cities to London, was reduced back.

Sustainable principles

The UK aims to attain net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 to reduce climate change. The building industry will lead this historic switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

By 2035, the UK wants to decarbonize its grid and use green energy from its own sources. This concept relies on green technologies like off-shore wind farms.

Residential buildings emit a large part of the UK’s carbon, thus housing will change. The construction sector will promote green heating and better insulation instead of gas boilers.

Challenges to come

The UK construction industry faces short-term future issues as well as the transition to a more sustainable society.

Essential resources are scarce due to Brexit, the epidemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which hampered gasoline supply. Limited supply are raising product prices and stalling building projects in the UK construction industry, which is growing.

These delays and the inflated estimate contract value (ECV) of each project have raised builders’ insurance costs for UK construction companies and predicted a 2023 sector activity drop. This makes projects less profitable, especially for smaller non-public sector enterprises.

UK Building, US Manufacturing Concentrate

Original Source: UK construction, US manufacturing in focus

Tuesday’s trading session will likely center on UK and US economic data on a quiet day for company earnings.The UK construction PMI for August is expected to fall from 62.4 in July to 61.5 at 09:30. The report follows an unexpected decline in the UK manufacturing PMI on Monday and precedes the Wednesday UK services PMI.”All three figures have edged a little lower from their highs earlier this year but that was to be expected,” said Alpari UK market analyst Craig Erlam.”It’s hard to maintain those levels. As long as they stay below 50, which distinguishes growth from contraction, they’ll be fine.The widely-followed ISM US manufacturing index is likely to slow in August, following China, Eurozone, and UK production statistics. At 15:00, the index should drop to 56.8 from 57.1 in July.At 15:00, US construction spending is predicted to rise 0.9% in July after falling 1.8% in June.On Tuesday, Redrow will report its annual results, and given recent fears about the UK property market slowing, the prognosis will be closely watched.Earnings per share are expected to rise 65% to 24.7p in the year ended 30 June from 15p.”We will be focused mainly on the strength of the forward order book, progress with regard to land holdings in London and also the outlook for sales outlets which will be critical to the group meeting our volume expectations,” said analysts at Numis.

Vinci UK Loses

Original Source: Vinci UK tumbles to a loss

Vinci cited Brexit, covid, the Russians, and inflation for its £44m UK pre-tax deficit last year.

Vinci Construction UK lost £44.2m pre-tax in the year to 31 December 2022 (2021: £23.6 profit) on sales up 10% to £1,286m.

In operating terms, 2021’s £76m profit became 2022’s £28m deficit.

Vinci Construction UK Ltd is Vinci plc’s major UK trade arm, trading in buildings, facilities, and civil engineering (Taylor Woodrow) with a technology section.

Pre-tax, the building segment lost £37.3m on £551m revenue, civil engineering made £10.8m on £292m, and facilities management lost £31.9m on £444m.

The company experienced hyperinflation, labor shortages, and more attrition, according to CEO Scott Wardrop. The global cost of living crisis, Ukraine war, COVID-19 epidemic, and Brexit influenced all of these.

Two loss-making contracts—fixed-price projects acquired before the COVID-19 pandemic—and remedial fire and cladding works were involved.

University College London (UCL) and HCA Healthcare lost contracts. UCL Vinci erected its east London campus on the 2012 Olympics village site. Birmingham hospitals hire HCAs. Both started at £100m.

“2022 has been very difficult, but we face 2023 and beyond with the full support of our shareholder, Vinci Construction SAS, as we bring together our UK group in 2023 under Vinci Construction Holding Limited,” Wardop added.

Graham Receives £20m England Contract 

Original Source: Northern Ireland construction giant GRAHAM wins £20m contract in England

Design and construction of a new vehicular/cycle/pedestrian bridge across the railway and a pedestrian bridge improve safety and connection between the site and existing neighborhoods.

GRAHAM, based in Hillsborough, was chosen for its experience completing similar projects, particularly in the railway sector, and collaborating with Network Rail.

In the Western Growth Corridor project, the firm’s civil engineering team will design and build access routes and bridges.

The city council and Lincoln MP Karl McCartney applied for £20 million to build a road bridge and foot bridge connecting the Western Growth Corridor development to Tritton Road in August 2022.

The project will create a main access route into the Western Growth Corridor site to supply up to 3,200 new houses as part of a Sustainable Urban Extension to Lincoln.

Under design and budget approvals, construction will begin in 2024, with the first phase of residences delivered after thorough planning approval.

Graham contracts director Alastair Lewis said: “We’re thrilled to be appointed as the lead contractor for key elements of the Western Growth Corridor project, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional infrastructure projects.

“The Western Growth Corridor project is complicated, involving access restrictions, utilities, drainage, and traffic management. GRAHAM wants to value engineer the access road and railway bridge with inventive design and construction solutions that save money and carbon while assuring the site’s strategic masterplan’s long-term success.

Our broad knowledge and inventive approach have allowed us to tackle the specific obstacles of projects like this. GRAHAM, the City of Lincoln Council, and other stakeholders must work together to complete this ambitious project.”

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has opposed a £2 billion Lendlease development in North London, but a judge in the High Court ruled against them. High Road West is a mixed-use development located next to the stadium where the team plays. A new community will have six high-rise buildings and a public park. Meanwhile, the construction industry in the United Kingdom touches virtually every facet of life there. This umbrella industry handles matters pertaining to travel, dwellings, and power. Find out what the construction industry in the UK is worth and what problems it faces. Additionally, At 09:30, the preliminary August PMI for the UK construction industry is anticipated to dip from 62.4 in July to 61.5. The UK services PMI is due out on Wednesday, thus this report comes after the manufacturing PMI dropped more than predicted on Monday.All three numbers are down from their early-year highs, but that’s to be expected, says Alpari UK market analyst Craig Erlam. In addition, despite sales increasing by 10% to £1,286 million, Vinci Construction UK lost £44.2 million before taxes in the year ending 31 December 2022 (profit of £23.6 million in 2021). The operating surplus of £76 million in 2021 turned into a deficit of £28 million in 2022. Moreover, the safety of the area and the connections to nearby communities have been enhanced by the design and construction of a new bridge across the railroad for cars, bikes, and pedestrians. GRAHAM, headquartered out of Hillsborough, was selected because of their track record of successfully completing such projects and their willingness to work closely with Network Rail.

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