7 Best Exterior Construction Materials

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and when you have visitors to your home, the siding does this for you. Exterior construction material trends have changed dramatically over the decades, and adding a new facade can make a huge difference in your house’s curb appeal. Here are some of the best choices out there for all kinds of budgets.

1. Wood

Wood is one of humanity’s oldest building materials. While modern suburban homes might not be made entirely of lumber anymore, there is still a demand for wood siding. It can require some maintenance, but it provides a gorgeous natural look. When well taken care of, it can last up to 100 years.

2. Stone

If a man’s home is his castle, then there’s no better siding option than stone. It can be expensive and might be challenging to add to existing structures, but for homeowners that are breaking ground on new properties, stone siding can provide a unique and durable look. Its beauty is unrivalled.

3. Stucco

Stucco has a bad reputation for being weak or unstable, but when properly installed, it can easily last the entire lifetime of the property. It is an extremely rigid material, especially when dry, so installers need to work quickly and carefully to prevent the exterior from cracking. Traditionally, you’ll see stucco siding on wood walls, but contractors can also apply it to brick, stone and other surfaces.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl is another type of siding that often gets overlooked, or even looked down on as a cheap option. However, this durable plastic can help improve the look of just about any property. It’s also resistant to moisture and decay and will help to prevent insects from moving in. Some brands of vinyl siding can even withstand storm winds up to 200 mph, making it ideal for homes in areas that are prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.

5. Stone Veneer

For homeowners that want the look of stone siding but don’t want to foot the bill or rebuild their entire home, there is stone veneer siding. It creates the appearance of stone without any of the hassle. It can even be made from synthetic materials, making it lightweight and durable. Homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option might want to consider this option. All they need to do to maintain it is to hose it off once a year.

6. Fibre Cement

Fiber cement is a popular option for individuals who want to give their home a new look without breaking the bank. This siding comes in several designs, mimicking the look of wood, stone, stucco and even masonry, depending on what the homeowner wants. It’s also nonflammable and termite-resistant, helping to protect the property while giving it a bold new look.

7. Brick

Brick is available as a siding option for those who love the iconic look of this classic style. It is expensive and extremely labor-intensive, but as long as the contractor installs a membrane between the siding and the home to prevent moisture from causing damage, brick siding can last a lifetime. It also offers top-notch curb appeal.

Choosing the Best Material for the Job

Homeowners may want a new look for their property but may not always know all the exterior construction materials that are available, or what might work best in different parts of the country. This information can help both contractors and homeowners choose the right materials for the job and help them end up with a finished product they’ll be proud of and enjoy looking at for many years to come.

About the Author: Emily is a green tech writer who covers topics in renewable energy and

sustainable design. You can read more of her work on her blog, Conservation Folks.

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