Hear About the Latest News on London Build’s Construction Industry, Croydon’s Build-to-Rent Scheme, Re-Flow Field Management Sponsors Bia 2022, King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Greg Dyke’s £35m Fort Bovisand Vision

In today’s news, we will look into this year’s London Build’s Construction and Design Show returns to Olympia London. Croydon’s Build-to-Rent Program Reaches Its Pinnacle. Re-Flow Field Management Corporation will be the sponsor for the Building Innovation Awards in 2022. Plans for the demolition and construction of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn are an integral part of the new-build concept. Greg Dyke, who once served as the head of the BBC, has a vision to transform the historic Fort Bovisand in Plymouth into a coastal community featuring homes and dining establishments.

Join London Build’s construction industry

Original Source: Join the entire construction industry at London Build

Construction and Design Show returns to Olympia London (Nov 16-17) with more information, networking, and entertainment.

This year London Build expects 35,000 guests, 350 exhibitors, and 500 presenters representing contractors, developers, architects, specifiers, house builders, housing associations, civil engineers, government, suppliers, and construction professionals.

Eight conference stages cover the Future of Construction, Architecture, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Fire Safety, BIM & Digital Construction, and Skills. Visitors can attend nearly 200 CPD-accredited sessions.

This year adds two additional stages.

On the Architecture stage, Foster & Partners, BDP, Zaha Hadid Architects, and others will talk. In conjunction with Architecture Social, panellists will explore Inclusive Design and Architecture’s role in the Housing Crisis.

London Build will also debut its Skills Hub, where visitors can learn about the newest industry tools. Creating the Ultimate Marketing Plan, Developing Inclusive Employment Strategies, BRE and BIM, The World of TikTok Marketing, and more will be held.

The Architect’s Hub will return to London Build 2022, where visitors may see projects from leading UK architects such Scott Brownrigg, SOM, and PLP Architecture. View 3D models and designs of the UK’s most fascinating projects in London. Architect’s Hub will hold the first “Architecture Social” awards.

The popular Meet the Buyer section will feature the newest opportunities and tenders from Skanska, HS2, Costain, Balfour Beatty, SMP Alliance, BAM UK and more. Don’t miss the chance to gain new clients.

London Build is the UK’s largest Festival of Construction, and it’s bigger than ever this year. There are DJs, musicians, live performances, prize giveaways, and famous guests like Kevin Keegan, Frank Bruno, and Timmy Mallett. Visitors may enjoy artisan food and drink from around the UK on the London Build Food and Drink route.

In the Built Environment Networking Hub, you can participate in the BIM Open Mic, discover how the LCEC is driving change over breakfast, and meet with sustainability professionals from across the UK. Your ticket allows you admission to all networking parties co-hosted by Urbano 

Build, London Constructing Excellence Club, Forum for the Built Environment, The CIOB, Building People, Let’s Build, Building Equality, and more.

Built Environment Networking Hub hosts the UK’s largest yearly networking events for Women in Construction and Diversity in Construction, where attendees may learn from an inspiring panel of industry executives as they celebrate triumphs and tackle difficulties. Connect with peers and get inspired by one of the most intriguing industries.

London Build’s Women in Construction and Diversity in Construction Ambassadors advance equality in the built environment. This year’s Ambassador Program includes London Build Mental Health Ambassadors.

The London Build Mental Health Ambassadors are working to get the sector talking about mental health to combat stereotypes. Attend the Mental Health in Construction Networking event on November 17 to network with London Build Ambassadors and discover how to tackle mental health stigma in the UK’s built environment.

This is a MUST-ATTEND event for UK construction pros.


16th Nov: 9.30am – 5.30pm

17th Nov: 9.30am – 4.20pm

Croydon’s Build-to-Rent scheme peaks

Original Source: Enclave: Croydon Build to Rent scheme tops out

Enclave is Europe’s tallest modular structure at 158m.

Outpost Management’s Enclave: Croydon has reached its maximum height. At 158m, it’s Europe’s highest modular building and the tallest in Croydon and London.

“We’re pleased to reach this milestone on Europe’s highest modular structure. Our construction and development teams worked quickly and precisely to build it.

Enclave: Croydon will have one of the best amenity provisions in the UK, empowering people to be more productive, healthy, and social. We can’t wait to welcome them to their new homes next year.

Croydon will deliver 817 Build to Rent residences in a 50-story tower. Tide Construction and Vision Modular Systems are delivering the project.

Enclave: Croydon’s modular construction will take 30 months. Vision Modular Systems construction saves 40% to 50% compared to standard approaches. The scheme will open in 2023.

Enclave: Croydon shows how modular construction can meet London’s demand for high-quality houses swiftly, efficiently, and safely while minimising environmental impact.

Our relationship with Outpost Management allows us to execute one of the largest co-living plans approved by the GLA, putting Croydon at the forefront of 21st-century placemaking.

Re-flow Field Management sponsors BIA 2022

Original Source: Re-flow Field Management sponsors Building Innovation Awards 2022

Building Innovation Awards 2022 honoured innovative construction approaches.

Ashley Wing and Josh Sims represented Re-flow at the Building Innovation Awards 2022. The ceremony honoured innovative construction processes.

Maria Coulter, CEO of Construction Coach, spoke first. She discussed women’s issues in building and sustainable company growth.

Nicole’s life was dramatically disrupted by Motor Neuron Disease, according to the Riff Raff Society, a Manchester-based charity that helps fund life-changing projects for those in need. The event raised £2,500 to support Nicole’s battle against the disease.

Industry leaders were honoured for their work.

Before the awards event, attendees had dinner and watched Justin Moorhouse do comedy.

The night featured 22 awards. These awards recognized all things innovative, including Most Innovative On-Site Monitoring Tool, Best Use of Drones in a Construction Project, and Most Innovative New Product for both software and hardware.

Re-flow won Most Innovative SME.

Re-flow sponsored and presented the innovative SME award.

Alternative Heat and Plan A Consultants were among the nominees. Cheshire-based TrustMgt won the award.

The 2013-founded company provides open space management and development services to developers, private asset owners, and landlords.

Ashley Wing, Head of Sales and Marketing, presented the prize.

Karaoke finished the event, making it memorable and successful.

King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital demolition and building key to new-build masterplan

Original Source: Demolition and construction plans at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital integral to new-build masterplan

The strategy for Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital calls for demolishing an existing building and replacing it elsewhere.

The hospital trust wants to destroy the Inspire Centre and erect a two-story facility to house the nursery and a vaccination centre.

The new construction compound car lot would free up the Inspire Centre space for future ambitions.

Nothing can happen on the Inspire Centre site until the nursery and immunisation centre are up and operating at their new location. The design and access statement given to planners calls it an “essential part of the hospital’s revitalization.”

The Inspire Centre is at the Gayton Road entrance to the site. It houses a day nursery for hospital personnel and a vaccination centre, although its reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete construction has made it obsolete.

The application states new buildings are needed since the main facility has no room for the two centres.

They’d create a new nursery for up to 36 hospital staff children and save their employment.

The development site is a tiny former car park turned building compound.

“This planning application is the next step of hospital treatment,” reads the statement. It’s crucial to free Inspire Centre land for future hospital regeneration phases.

Greg Dyke’s £35m Fort Bovisand vision

Original Source: Ex-BBC boss Greg Dyke reveals £35m vision for Plymouth’s Fort Bovisand

Work on a historic monument is well advanced, and the public could visit by 2024.

Ex-BBC chief Greg Dyke wants to restore Plymouth’s ancient Fort Bovisand into a coastal housing and restaurant complex. People can arrive by water taxi, eat in a restaurant, and enjoy an al fresco play. Mr Dyke said the first residences may be ready by 2023 and the project could be done in two years.

Bovisand Harbour was created by building new buildings and refurbishing the Grade II*-listed Palmerston fort. Mr Dyke plans to build 81 homes, a restaurant overlooking a refurbished port, a visitor centre documenting the site’s history, a waterfront performance area, and a big sail statue representing the Mayflower.

And he claims his dream is to protect the old military construction and open the place to the public. He remarked, “It’s a complex job.” Finish by 2024. But we don’t want to close it to the public – exactly the reverse.”

Mr Dyke fell in love with the scheduled ancient monument 18 years ago when he observed it from a boat in the Sound. Since he bought the site in 2004, rehabilitation has taken years.

Early in 2021, a £1m effort to shore up the property’s cliff face was completed. Palmerston Court is under construction, named for the prime minister who had the original fort erected.

On top of the site, DNA Construction is developing six three-story, three-bedroom residences overlooking Bovisand Bay.

Mr. Dyke said they’ll be done next year. The views will be great.

Anchorage Apartments will be built next. 40 two- and three-bedroom flats with harbour views will be developed on the site of a 1950s hotel.

Mr. Dyke said they will be ready by late summer 2024, depending on construction constraints.

This phase also features Drake’s View, a group of three detached and semi-detached two- and three-bedroom houses behind Anchorage Apartments.

Phase three of the construction is Mayflower Point, which comprises 14 one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. This includes refurbished Henderson and Webb Tower houses.

Mr. Dyke discovered two towers on top. “The MoD blew them up.

“We found a photo and gained permission to reconstruct them. There are original foundations. Heritage folks liked the notion.”

In phase four, the granite casemates will be turned into 16 studio flats. The Fort Bovisand Trust will also manage a visiting heritage centre.

The tower atop the casemates will be turned into three two-story residences, each with three bedrooms.

Two detached two-bedroom residences will be erected behind Artillery Row. Both Moncrieff House and Rennie House are two stories.

A restaurant will be built at the end of the casemate row. Mr. Dyke said it will be built inside the granite structure with a glass extension and terrace above. It will “probably” have a shop and offices, he said.

The route down to the harbour will also need to be reduced. Raised, it produced wetness in the casemates.

We spotted stone stairs leading up to the beach footpath, Mr. Dyke said. “After we’re done, you can follow the seaside pathway, down the steps, and take the ferry to Plymouth. Diners can catch the ferry back from the restaurant.

An historic building on the harbour wall will be removed and replaced with a statue, according to Mr. Dyke. It’ll be a Mayflower sail, he remarked. “I have one in my garden, but I’ll have them build a bigger one.”

He stated a performance space would be developed in the harbour area, calling it a “small Minack Theatre” after Cornwall’s iconic waterside playhouse.

“It’ll be great for residents and visitors when it’s done,” he said. I bought it on a whim 18 years ago.

When asked if it was a good investment, I tell them they must be joking. But if it saves the fort, which was under danger, that’s good.

Built in the 1860s to defend against Napoleonic France, Fort Bovisand is one of the best remaining Palmerston forts. Before Mr. Dyke bought the lease and founded Fort Bovisand Developments, a commercial diver training centre. In 2017, South Hams District Council approved the development.

Mr. Dyke was CEO of LWT and director general of the BBC. Later, he led the Ambassador Theatre Group and British Film Institute. He was on Manchester United’s board, chairman of Brentford, and FA chairman for three years.

Since buying Dartmouth Golf & Country Club 20 years ago, he’s been active in Devon commercial ventures. He’s also a Vine Hotel Group shareholder.

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed today that 35,000 people, 350 exhibitors, and 500 lecturers are expected to attend London Build annually. Meanwhile, Future of Construction, Architecture, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Fire Safety, BIM & Digital Construction, and Skills will be covered. In addition, Enclave’s Croydon outpost has reached its full height capability. At 158 metres, it’s both Croydon and London’s tallest skyscraper and Europe’s tallest modular structure. Furthermore, Ashley Wing and Josh Sims represented Re-flow at the Building Innovation Awards 2022, the celebration honoured construction innovation. Additionally, once its current location is demolished, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Lynn will move. The hospital board proposes to demolish the Inspire Centre and create a two-story nursery and vaccination centre. Moreover, a historic site’s renovation may be complete by 2024. Greg Dyke, a former BBC chief, wants to transform Plymouth’s Fort Bovisand into residences and restaurants.

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